Victoria Doramus: From Media Professional To Addiction Advocate

Victoria Doramus was one of the leading media professionals in the country. She worked for some of the biggest names, contributed greatly to major companies, and she created a lot of her own unique content. Then, she was stricken by addiction and struggled with it for many years. Now, instead of organizing and contributing to the media outlets of different companies and analyzing marketing trends, she’s using her experience with addiction to help others.

Victoria started off her career knowing that she wanted to be in the communication field. She attended college for it at the University of Colorado and eventually began work as an assistant media planner for Mindshare. At Mindshare, Victoria Doramus communicated with vendors and clients to help build the brand.

She had a stint at Stila Cosmetics where she worked with the art director to further their campaigns. However, she then moved to Creative Agency where she worked for three years by managing the company’s scheduling, attending press conferences and tradeshows, and creating editorial content to further their brand.

From there, she’d go to work at Trendera. Trendera utilized her experience to supervise all of their contract worker, further their brand by creating unique editorial content for their webpage, and a number of other tasks. Besides this, she also maintained her own consistent columns in several e-magazines and news outlets as a content writer.

During this time, Victoria attended extravagant parties, networked with some of the biggest names in the industry, and even assisted director Peter Berg on a few of his film projects. However, life was not all well for Victoria. She began struggling with addiction.

Victoria was addicted to cocaine, prescription medicines, and alcohol. In 2011, she entered rehab for the first time. She still had a fruitful career, but rehab didn’t help her addiction. She returned to rehab several other times without success until 2017.

In 2017, Victoria Doramus found Burning Tree. Burning Tree was a different form of rehab center that used tough love to bring about change in their clients. Victoria had, had enough of her addiction. She entered Burning Tree.

Burning Tree rehabilitation was a success for Victoria. She still attends AA meetings and struggles daily to maintain sobriety, but she does in fact stay sober. Due to her experience, she has taken to helping others. She’s a major contributor to The Amy Winehouse Foundation, and she helps several other foundations. She is dedicated to helping others who struggle with addiction.

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