The American Institute of Architects and its Leadership

The American Institute of Architects is the top professional organization in the field. It provides architects a number of benefits that help professionals get ahead. When joining the American Institute of Architects, professionals have the opportunity to take advantage of many networking opportunities. This helps them find ways to advance their career as well as grow their businesses. Being a member of the American Institute of Architects also helps professionals with job hunting as they will be able to more easily find employment. Membership of this organization will also help architects improve their credibility in the field as well as provide them with a number of valuable educational opportunities as well. Therefore, the American Institute of Architects is an organization that can help many architects reach their unique career goals. Read more about Robert Ivy at Tulane School of Architecture website.

Like all other organizations, the American Institute of Architects has its own leadership that helps it achieve its specific goals. The American Institute of Architects is currently led by its chief executive officer Robert Ivy. He has held this position for nearly a decade and has established himself as a highly qualified leader of this leading organization. Robert Ivy has been responsible for improving the geographic presence and programs of the American Institute of Architects. While serving as the chief executive officer of this organization, has helped with its expansion to other countries throughout the world. His expertise has also allowed him to introduce a number of educational programs that have helped many architects learn more about the latest developments in the field.


Robert Ivy attended Tulane University and completed a master’s degree in architecture. After finishing up his degree program, Robert Ivy began working in the field as a journalist. His first position in the media field was when he served as a writer and columnist for a major architecture publication. As a writer, he would provide insightful and educational articles about the newest trends in the field. This allowed a number of architects to get more detailed information about environmental issues, new designs and laws concerning the field. His next position was as an editor where he would eventually reach the position as editor in chief of another major publication. While editing for architecture publications, Robert assessed articles and published them for individuals to read. Visit Archinect to know more about Robert Ivy.