Southridge Capital LLC-A Solution to Your Financial Needs

The ability of Southridge Capital to deliver financial plans and executing them without fail has seen the company establish a broad base of clients. The company has been in operation since 1996 and has invested over $ 1.8 billion in different growing companies worldwide.




In the last two decades, Southridge Capital LLC has financed more than 250 companies. As a result, Southridge Capital LLC has more significant experience in understanding the complex issues, which face growing companies. The company has a vast pool of experienced team, which gears its operations. You can visit for more.





Some of the services provided by Southridge Capital LLC include:



Financial Analysis

  • Financial Analysis



Based on the different financial options available, Southridge Capital will create a detailed financial statement for your company. The output will be a well analyzed aimed at estimating the project cash needs, and also providing analysis to the assumptions made.



Aiding in Amalgamation

  • Aiding in Amalgamation



In case a company wishes to join operation with another purposely with aim of being competitive in the market, Southridge Capital LLC will analyze and find a merger candidate who fits on the existing company structure. Southridge will carefully evaluate potential targets and structure an excellent transaction. The company can achieve this quickly due to their diversified contracts.



Balance Sheet Optimization

  • Balance Sheet Optimization



For the company to make more profit, it has to minimize the cost of capital. Southridge Capital LLC will evaluate the funding cost and come up with an excellent structured plan. The plan will include the mechanism to arrive at useful results as well as a balance between debts and equity.



Restructuring Analysis

  • Restructuring Analysis



The company needs to restructure their operations occasionally to remain viable in the market. The company may need to change their management or even streaming the manufacturing processes. Southridge Capital LLC analyses and comes up with the best advice on the best action to take for optimum results. For more details visit Bloomberg.




The companies’ CEO Stephen M Hicks is the mine behind all the success. He has a slogan of doing fewer deals and focusing on cash instead of the returns. As a result, Southridge Capital LLC has achieved the significant milestone.