Securus Technologies Designs Crime Prevention Program

Securus Technologies expert and CEO, Rick A. Smith, is committed to solving crime beyond incarceration. Thousands of inmates and their families are communicating over a secure network with the benefits of strict government regulations. In fact, Securus was one the first regulation network providers to go along with a stabilized inmate communication network. They recognized they were able to use their own technologically advanced solutions to create a very successful crime prevention program. Their customers have also attempted to help in their fight against crime by reporting incidences of abuse and fraud on their customer feedback forum listed on their website. You can also speak to one of their friendly IT professionals to file a confidential complaint.


Securus Technologies Crime Prevention Features


– Stop illegal inmate cellphone use

– Eliminate inmate gambling

– Stop illegal inmate money transfers

– Stop telecommunications crimes

– Add additional facility monitoring

– and more…


Their goal is to a make sure their customers are receiving every minute allotted under their contract. As a result, of their crime prevention program, over 2.4 million minutes processed for inmates and their families are proven guarantee over a secure line that costs less.


Who Is Securus Technologies


Securus is an interactive inmate communication provider with rates that are unmatched by their competitors $4 to $1. You can find many features and services listed directly on their website. Their features allow you to pay for calling credits up front, visit securely over the internet, leave an inmate a voicemail, and more. More customers are switching to the Securus Technologies network because they’re putting the needs of their customers first with programs which gives them less fees and more time to talk to the ones they love in a correctional facility.


You’re invited to visit their interactive website for more details on their programs and services today.