Rodrigo Terpins Covers Good Ground in the 25th Sertoes Rally

Rodrigo Terpins, one of the bet car rally drivers in Brazil has many common traits identical with his father, jack Terpins. Both men are successful businessmen and sports enthusiasts.



Jack Terpins was formerly a basketball player for Hebraica from the 1960s until the 1970s. At that time he was more popularly known by the alias Jackao. After his glory days as a basketball player he became a real estate investor.



Rodrigo Terpins on the other hand is into the car racing sports, where he often participated and represented the Bull Sertoes Rally crew. His trip to the race tracks happened after finishing his studies. After graduating from the university he was employed at Lojas Marisa – prominent boutique for women’s clothes where Rodrigo Terpins was the President. After that he built his own company, the T5 Partipacoes. Despite his busy schedule at work with Loja Marisa then at T5 Partipacoes, Rodrigo still found time to get on a car and race on the tracks where he won several of the competitions.



In all the professional commitments Rodrigo Terpins had and have he continued the legacy of his father’s attributes of being committed and dedicated, which is partly why he is successful in the craft he has chosen for himself.



Since the Sertoes Rally is a featured event that everybody looks forward to year in and year out, Rodrigo Terpins and his co-pilot Maykel Justo (both from the Bull Sertoes Rally Team) have their eyes on the 25th Editions of the Sertoes Rally where the race will commence in Goiania. The pair will be using the T-Rex numbered 322. So far they were able to maintain the first place position in the two of the four stages of the race where their average race time was clocked at 13 hours 52 minutes and 47 seconds. You can visit Vimeo to see more videos.



As the race went on, Rodrigo Terpins said that he is glad they were able to finish another day although with some difficulties. What is important he says, is that it gave him and his partner time to learn from the past day’s events because there is still a long way to go, and everything must be undertaken on a daily basis.


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