Prada Incorporates Deere Vibrant Colors for New Season

It resounded throughout the fashion industry when Prada, of all entities, decided to infuse this season’s fashions with some color combos very Doe Deere! This gives a nod to the unicorn princess that her ideas work even in high fashion’s royal court.

Just For Me – and Thee
Of course, those of us who discovered Doe Deere and her unicorn queendom years ago knew that, already! Today we can mi colors and most especially color patterns in ways that yesteryear fashionistas would have never nightmared. We all are catching up with the amazing concept of Doe Deere that we should dress for ourselves and present our personas as we see ourselves. No more do we dress the way a European or New York fashion industry crone dictates.

Colors Galore and More
Mixing patterns is not nearly enough. Color mixing with bright neon in our hair and on our eyes really uplifts our mood and vibes when we coordinate them to match or blend with our clothing. And don’t forget that Doe Deere insists on unicorn style vividly patterned colorful socks with your high heels and peek-aboo platforms.

Matronly, Schmatronly
Doe Deer does not usually mention age or size in her fashion blogs, but she has departed from that this season by insisting that neither one matters when putting together an ensemble to be envied by the masses. If people used to tell you that bright yellow favors your body and complexion, don’t drop it because you just turned 35. If it flattered you in youth, just think what it can do for you now that you have some maturity going for you.

By an Inch, a Cinch
By an inch a cinch, by a yard, ’tis hard. That idiom is excellent encouragement for the fellow unicorns who want to follow Doe Deere’s advice in costuming and makeup but believe they are “different” from the rest of us. Begin applying unicorn colors and style with accessories, hair, tights and jewelry, and you will easily move into the neon pink skirt and yellow striped topper.

Remember how long it took you to join the glitter eye makeup brigade?

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