Wes Edens Ranks 962 on World Billionaires List

Wes Edens the successful investor, businessman and co-founder of Fortress Investment Group LLC was ranked 962 on the World billionaires list. The billionaire list was calculated in 2008 values when he at the time had a net worth of $1.2 billion. Wes Edens established his great wealth as a shrewd businessman and skilled investor that held various positions within numerous organizations and investment firms to create a level of skill and expertise that has created profitable returns on investment. Currently, Wes Edens is the Chief Investment Officer and Head of Private Equity at Fortress Investment Group where he is also Co-Chief Executive Officer. As a skilled and strategic leader and entrepreneur, Wes Edens has established a reputation of providing excellent analytical analysis over various distressed and underperforming alternative asset groups to amass a portfolio that is one of the strongest diversified investment portfolios in the world.

Fortress Investment Group specializes in various alternative asset classes such as distressed assets, undervalued assets, and illiquid capital investments. In fact, Fortress Investment Group stands alone as the leader in this area of investment which has creates opportunities to a produce enormous portfolio of investment windfalls for it private equity investors. As a result of the skillful leadership of Wes at Fortress Investment Group has continued to grow a solid long-term portfolio built on solid investments and analysis that generate solid returns on investment. Wes Edens has a personal take-home pay of 52.4 million dollars per year and that figure includes compensation of 13.4 million and 41 million in dividends from stock.

Wes Edens is also the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks and has developed a cachet of being one of the more visible billionaires in the world. Wes Edens has provided trusted leadership at Fortress Investment Group and is maintaining the thriving organization that will continue to produce superior levels of return on investment and creates avenues for success over the long run. With investments in various areas of the alternative asset industry Fortress stands alone as the leader in this sector and is currently capitalizing on the opportunity to dominate with little resistance. Wes Edens is a successful businessman and investor that has arrived at billionaire status and continues to expand upon his investment empire and eventually rise up the ranks of the world billionaires list from 962 to become one of the more wealthy individuals in the world.

Alex Paul’s Artisric Emergence

Mathais Rosenzwaig recently interviewed Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, the DJ duo from the popular dance music band The Chainsmokers. In this interview, Alex Pall gave a brief history of the duo’s connection and their vision of the artists they are becoming.

Alex Pall loved electronic music as a young person. He worked as a DJ in his spare time to earn extra money. Soon he found that he was more passionate about dance music than he was about his full time job. The more gigs he performed, the more excited about music he became. Alex Taggart had the same passion for dance music as Alex Pall. Taggart had experience in producing music. His was also a DJ in Maine. Taggart was introduced to Pall when he came to New York. Pall and Taggart had an instant connection.

Soon this duo started working together 9am to 7pm daily. Fast forward four years later, Taggart and Pall form The Chainsmokers, who then top the pop music charts. Their instant connection has created widely popular music and desire for new identity as artists that connects with each listener of their music. Pall mentioned in their interview that his music is for all people who feel something good when listening to his tracks; regardless of: age, gender, background, or social status.

With their track “Closer”, Pall and Taggart step out of the dance music box. In today’s dance music scene, most DJ’s do not sing on their own tracks, but with the single “Closer” Andrew Taggart does his own vocals and tells his own personal experience with his ex-girlfriend. On future tracks, Pall wants to mix music genres such as hip-hop, indie, pop, and dance music to create a new identity for himself and Taggart as artists.

Halsey, and other artists have helped them create hit singles. As The Chainsmokers continue to create fresh, popular tracks, they want more control of their music. Pall explains that the music has become more than just a way to pay the bills, and but about growing as an artist, and creating relevant, quality, and melodic music.


Author, Entrpreneur & Community Servant Dr. Clay Siegall

Have you ever heard of a guy named Clay Siegall? Are you interested in the field of cancer research? Have you ever heard of a company that’s known as Seattle Genetics? Well, all three of these questions have a connection because all three are tied to the same subject. Clay Siegall, Ph.D.,is the head man in charge at Seattle Genetics. This company specializes in developing targeted-cancer therapies, and it commercializes the therapies for greater use. Dr. Siegall has been involved with many of the industries top organizations. These organizations just so happens to be the National Cancer Institute, the National Institute of Health and Bristol-Myers Squibb. Siegall is from the old school in a sense, but he uses new-age technology to fight cancer.

Siegall has many different titles because he has a diverse educational background. Many people know him to be a scientist, a doctor, a businessman and a civil servant. Seattle Genetics was founded back in 1998, but no one really new if it would make an impact on society. Siegall has been dedicated from day one because this deadly illness has reached home. While in college, his father became stricken with cancer. The aggressive treatments during that particular time was hard to witness. Amputations and radical surgeries were the norm, but Siegall knew that there had to be a better way. After the passing of his father, Siegall’s mind was set on becoming a force in cancer research. He ended-up attaining a B.S. in Zoology as well as attaining a Ph.D in Genetics. Respectively, these high-level degrees came from the affluent George Washington University and from the University of Maryland.

As of present day, Seattle Genetics has become a major force in cancer research. The company’s top medication, ADCETRIS, has generated hundreds of millions of dollars and Siegall himself has won numerous awards in the process. The guy has literally written up to 70 publications that pertains to this subject, and he holds at least 15 patents. Brighter days are upon us all and Dr. Clay Siegall is doing his absolute best to keep it this way.

Waiakea Water: Natural Water From Hawaii

Waiakea Water leads its competition on their stance and creation of a product that is in tune with environment. They use Carbon Neutral certification for delivery on low-emission cars. The Hawaii volcanic water is a hit in the local community who they serves at least three percent. They also have philanthropic needs to the area as well. In each liter of the Waiakea water ph, the company gives a weeks supply of the product. The biggest thing to take notice in is their treatment and use of plastic bottles to store the water. It’s noted the company has come up with a clever way to be the first to use fully degradable bottles.

Waiakea Water products are in 100 percent plastic bottles. Its known that the typical bottles you see in stores are very hard on the environment and do not break down easily. It can take many years for these type of bottles to mesh with the environment. This is why you see the littering of bottles every where. They are going to be there for a while because they don’t dissolve into the ground easily. Waiakea Water bottles do it faster, like in 15 years instead of centuries.

It may be hard to find a water bottle company giving as much care to the environment as Waiakea Water does. This Hawaii volcanic water has been named as the fastest growing business in Inc. 500’s. Waiakea Water has a attractive design wholesalers love and bring to the market. The benefits of the volcanic water helps with healthy providing natural electrolytes and minerals. The business has won several awards such as the Best in Biz Awards, Food and Beverage Innovation award and the top 10 most innovative food companies to name a few. Bottom line, the business has won the most water awards in the United States. Waiakea continues to grow at a fast paces climbing in the past three years at an incredible rate. Overall, Waiakea maintains its goals to give natural healthy water to the masses with a delicious taste and cleanliness many can continue to enjoy all over the world.


Talkspace Teaches The Art Of Bouncing Back After A Loss

Coping with the loss of a pet is just as difficult as dealing with the grief associated with the death of a human loved one. Talkspace recommends that the grieving pet owner seek out organized support to help come to terms with the death of the pet. This may encompass joining a support group for people who have lost pets, as well as seeking out one-on-one counseling with a certified therapist.

For others in that person’s life, there may be a desire to help him or her overcome their grief. One way to help is by encouraging the individual to discuss the pet, or by sharing stories about experiences they have had with the pet. Looking at pictures of the pet may also help. It’s important for the grieving person to feel connected to others who shared a connection to the pet. It provides a bonding experience, but also helps them to feel that their grief over the pet is validated. They shouldn’t be made to feel silly that they’re distraught over the pet’s death.

If you’re the one grieving, there are ways you can help yourself bounce back more quickly. No one likes to feel sad or grief-stricken, so you’ll want to do what you can to move forward. This means treating yourself with kindness and not criticizing yourself over how long you’ve been grieving. Everyone heals differently, so accept that it’s going to take however long it takes. Additionally, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Some days will be worse than others, so don’t resist the urge to reach out to family, friends, a support group, or your therapist. They want to help you.

Talkspace is a mobile app that helps to connect those in need with the right therapist to help them. Since not every therapist is right for any individual, Talkspace uses your information and responses to match you with a like-minded therapist. The right professional is chosen based on your character and your price range, so there will never be any question about your therapist’s requirements or qualifications.

Once connected, counseling takes place via text messaging. This helps eliminate the need for time consuming office visits that may require a tedious commute across town. What may be an even more desirable advantage is that it helps the individual feel freer to express themselves. They can write openly about their problem and receive a compassionate response within minutes. While Talkspace may not replace your regular therapist, it can provide a convenient alternative in an emotional crisis.

ChainSmokers: Dark Sound, Bright Future

In 2018 the musical landscape is as crowded as ever; many acts don’t get a second or third chance at critical success. The Chainsmokers is not one of those groups. comprised of Alex Paul and Andrew Taggart the duo of producers is looking forward to their next musical venture.

According to the Chainsmokers they haven’t released any new music in he last 9 months which is weird for them since they are used to releasing tracks every month. This is odd compared to other acts who general try to strike while the iron is hot. The Chainsmokers recently have come off the success of a Grammy nomination with a song collaborating with the rapper Logic. Yet they chose to wait nine months before their next release with the ok of their record label. According to them next project to come out will be darker because they are a reflection of their generation. Taggert asserts that they like to be very current with their material and they feel as if things have gotten more serious lately leading to the darker tone they speak of. Further leading to the darker tone is the frustration they have of being almost caricatures of themselves since fame. People get the information about them from third person sources creating a false image that they now have to deal with and this is synonymous with the youth of this generation dealing with social media.

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The Chainsmokers aren’t concerned about yesterday’s news or accomplishments. Though they are grateful and feel achievements make you feel “super pumped” they are striving to make the next release better. Besides according to them focusing too much on past accolades “its crazy”. They are choosing to stay excited about their new music and to make the best music now.

Overall the Chainsmokers are heading in a new direction lyrically and sonically. They are going for a more band driven sound instead of pop star assisted singles. The pressure to follow up with something great isn’t so much external but internal. They are staying focused on their bright future however dark the music may seem.


Mighty Fortress Church Creates Welcoming Environment

For so many people across the globe the act of returning (or going for the first time) to church can be such an overwhelming and nerve-wracking experience. At Mighty Fortress Church, located on Bass Lake Road in Minneapolis, they are working hard to create a welcoming environment where regular folks can feel welcomed into a place where they are taught the Bible in a practical way. Above all Mighty Fortress Church strives to create a comfortable atmosphere for all who walk through the door, led by Bishop Thomas Williams, the church strongly encourages you to “come as you are.” Visit Yelp to write a review about Mighty Fortress Church.

Many companies or places of worship will use a mission statement as a place to throw empty-slogans, but at Mighty Fortress Church are living their mission every single day. Designed to become an international voice for empowerment for all peoples, Mighty Fortress Church strives not to pressure folks into feeling guilt, but leading them to a position where they can be strengthened and live a life full of the Holy Spirit. Additionally, they stress the importance of community and the role of the church in helping to cure the ailments present in today’s society. At the Mighty Fortress Church they are of the belief that the truest form of the church is made up of all people, and they are living out that belief each and every day.

Visit: https://www.manta.com/c/mmf9dvz/mighty-fortress-church

As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, Mighty Fortress Church is led by the Bishop Thomas Williams who is assisted by his wife, and 1st Lady of Mighty Fortress Church, Sabrina R. Williams. Together the pair has a total of six degrees between the two of them, and have helped Mighty Fortress Church continue to grow both physically and spiritually. Thomas Williams is both the founder and and President of Mighty Fortress Church and views his role ahead of the church as a “bridge-builder in the body of Christ.” Meanwhile, First Lady Williams has been named the Senior Pastor and founder of Mighty Fortress Church International Ministries — in addition to her astonishing 25+ year career in the field of education. This is couple that understand the dynamics of family and have three kids of their own, so parents who may worry about taking their children to mass should feel at ease knowing the two heads of Mighty Fortress Church understand the Herculean task of parenting.

If you are one of the many folks who is apprehensive about returning to church, or if you have simply never given church a shot, then consider attending a mass at Mighty Fortress Church in Minneapolis. Their accessible message, extensive scholarship on the Bible, and their family-friendly atmosphere make for a church that is welcoming for all walks of life. Watch this video on Youtube.

Ricardo Tosto: How To Get A Reliable Business Litigation Attorney

Are you looking for a competent attorney in Brazil? Do you want to retain or hire a top rated attorney for business or corporate law case? Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, a reputable Brazilian attorney, can help.


If you’re searching for an experienced or reliable corporate or business attorney in Brazil, then look no further. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is your clear choice when it comes to business and corporate legal matters. It is important to hire a competent lawyer to handle your business related matters, and his Linkedin.


Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a top attorney and reputable litigator. Ricardo Tosto helps to resolve cases for clients, no matter how simple or complex the situation may be. Ricardo Tosto takes the time to evaluate the issue and then works closely with the clients to ensure the best possible outcome, and learn more about Ricardo Tosto.


When you encounter a legal problem you need to hire the best attorney you can afford. Having a good lawyer on your side will certainly improve your chances of getting a great outcome. Ricardo Tosto is well known for rendering high quality guidance and advice to clients who are confronted with a business or corporate legal matter.


Ricardo Tosto works very hard for his clients and can help resolve your case effectively and efficiently. If you want to ensure a a favorable outcome, it’s imperative that you retain or hire a competent lawyer like Ricardo Tosto.


Most entrepreneurs and corporate personnel often seek legal advice or guidance. When forming a corporation or operating an already existing business, it is advisable to get legal help throughout the process. This can help you to avoid costly mistakes and save you money as well, and read full article.


Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a highly sought after attorney and he has vast experience in the legal industry. Ricardo Tosto can address your business related legal matters, including disputes, breach of contract, shareholder conflicts, contract negotiations, business formation and structure, licensing and many other business and corporate issues. Get in touch with Ricardo Tosto to discuss your legal situation.

Todd Lubar’s views on Baltimore

Todd Lubar tries to elaborate the recent real estate situation in Baltimore. In spite the decrease in population, the young professionals are increasing in number and ventures well in business. The affordable cost of living in Baltimore makes it suitable for the young professionals hence helps them venture appropriately in their fields. This leads to the construction of infrastructure for instance conversation of old structure into apartments, new hotels and shops come up to gather for their wants of the original population. Check out his about.me page for more.

Baltimore is now targeting on improving transport sector making it easy for those who are willing to venture in business and living in that area hence encouraging those who want to start up business and company who wants to shift to this city. Todd Lubar has mainly contributed to the business sector. In that, he is always approached on the issues that contribute to the development of businesses. This is because he has a great personal history of finance and credit department as his significant contribution in that he is commonly referred for his standpoint on the industry. He has a passion for Commerce and tries to influence young people and the community at large. He possesses and works on several organizations associated with real estate.

Todd Lubar attended Sidwell friends school in 1977 to 1987 then joined peddle high school Hightstown. Todd later joined Syracuse University of which he graduated in 1995 with B. A in speech communication. He then got a job for Crestar mortgage corporation until 1999 where he went to the Financial group. There he supported the growth of the Maryland office to a production unit. He has been awarded for several years top 25 mortgages. Currently, he is venturing into the industry that strives to support needy people in the society. He is now the president of TDL venture

Click here: https://twitter.com/todd_lubar?lang=en

Ricardo Tosto: Brazilian lawyer and a founder of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados

Many young people in Brazil relish of an opportunity to work as lawyers. The legal field in the country is seen as a prestigious field that many young people want to associate with. It is a profession that is associated with the brilliant in the society. Brazilian alone has over one million lawyers. These are people who currently hold a law degree. Brazil is a highly densely populated country, and the role of lawyers is a crucial subject. The high number of lawyers sits well with the huge number of people living in the county. Brazil is also known to have a rigid judicial system which can only be navigated by legal experts.

Brazil legal field is closely monitored and regulated by the Brazilian Bar Association. This is the body that ensures that everyone who refers himself or herself a lawyer has the met the conditions set. The legal profession is one where you do not just wake up and see yourself as a lawyer. Everyone who intends to be a lawyer must meet minimum conditions set out by the bar association.

The first thing one must accomplish is graduating with a law degree from a university that is recognized by the regulatory body. After graduating, one must then join a law school for training as a lawyer. At the end of the law school, one must sit for the bar exam which is mandatory to pass. After passing, one is allowed to represent clients.

About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a popular name in the Brazilian legal fraternity. He is a founding member of a top legal firm in the country known as Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. This is the best legal firm in the country in legal representation related to business law. Ricardo Tosto joined this firm after working as an intern in a number of other law firms.

Ricardo Tosto is a top lawyer who has a reputation for representing his clients in the most adorable manner. He will go to any length to ensure there is justice for his clients. Ricardo Tosto is a graduate of Mackenzie University.

Learn More: www.youtube.com/watch?v=qc0MFA_hkFc