The European Union is Crumbling warns George Soros

George Soros is Europe’s most successful billionaires and business icon. Born in Budapest Hungary in August 1930, Soros attended the London school of economics. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in economics and a master of science in the same field. Also, he holds a BSc. and Masters in philosophy in the same institution. Soros holds dual citizenship for both Hungary and the United States.

He started his business career in the United States, where he rose to be the world’s notable economists. Also, George Soros’ prowess in investments, and writing of various books and articles on economics, politics and business earned him profound respect in the global economic platform. He is founder and chair of Soros Fund Management and Open Society Foundation. Additionally, Soros is a notable philanthropist; he established the Central European University. Furthermore, he financed the education of black students in South Africa during the apartheid regime.

European Economic Situation and the Refugee Crisis

George Soros’s vast experiences in economic and political issues are undoubtedly recognized globally. Consequently, he has addressed various forums and conferences on socio-political and economic problems. Additionally, he provides solutions to some critical economic issues that help in sustaining world top economies including China and the United States. Furthermore, Soros is seen as an economic prophet as he previously predicted various economic trends that came to pass.

In an interview with the CNBC, the top economist George Soros and investor warned of a crisis in the European Union that might lead to its collapse. He stated that the European Union has to move fast and inject a significant amount of money to solve the refugee problem. Also, in an essay in The New York Times, Soros warned of unfolding humanitarian crisis in Greece

To adequately address the problem, European leaders need sufficient funding. Spending large sums of money at the outset would allow them to respond more efficiently to the refugee crisis. Civil wars and terror groups on have pushed over a million immigrants from Africa and the Middle East to Europe in 2015. Refugees are driven by hope for a better life, peace and economic restoration in Europe.

Currently, a deal has been struck that will see people coming into Greece illegally being sent back to Turkey. It is when their asylum request is rejected. Also, for every person sent back to Turkey, the European Union will have to take in one refugee from Syria currently in Turkish camps. George Soros estimated the number of refugees that Europe can accommodate annually is up to 500,000. However, European countries should ensure that those genuinely seeking asylums would not be turned away.

For efficient operation on the crisis, the European Union requires an estimated £ 30 billion a year. Failure to fix the problem will cost the Union even more. It would be for example cause the collapse of the Schengen system on open internal borders among 26 European countries. To achieve the funding, Soros called for an amendment of Europe’s Multiannual Financial Framework and long-term financial plan to increase VAT contributions.

Beneful: The Healthy Solution to Dog Food

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A SKOUT Survey Reveals that Laughing is Key in Making Friends

Laughter plays a huge role in personal happiness and helping create lasting and meaningful relationships. In honor of National Humor Month, SKOUT – an online app that helps people meet new friends and create new relationships, has released fascinating survey data of its members showing just how important it is to take the time to laugh.


As reported on by PRNewswire, the results of the survey showed that laughter can actually help people meet new friends. While it may be difficult to convey laughter online, SKOUT took a look at profile pictures that depicted laughter. The results were fascinating – individuals who had profile pictures of themselves laughing were favorited 404% more times than then users who did not have laughing pictures. Likewise, laughing individuals made 234% more connections than the average SKOUT user. This goes to show just how important that laughing in meeting new people and the development of relationships.


Along with the study of how laughing in profile pictures affected people’s relationship development, SKOUT also conducted a survey that uncovered some more interesting statistics about humor and relationships. One of the more interesting parts of the survey is that 75% of individuals who were surveyed thing that they are funny. Likewise, people who classify their sense of humor as ‘witty’ tend to think that they are the funniest.


Another interesting bit of information that came from the survey is that people don’t necessarily think that clowns are funny. They survey polled people and found out that 30% of people are afraid of clowns. Interestingly, people who classify their sense of humor as ‘sarcastic’ are more likely than others to be afraid of clowns.


There were some interesting regional statistics on humor as well. It turns out that people from New York and San Francisco are very confident that they are funny, with 83% of them saying that they can easily make others laugh. Houstonians are more likely to help you have some fun, with 100% of them saying that they like to make people laugh.


Whether it’s in New York, San Francisco, or anywhere in between, this survey by SKOUT goes to show that being happy and laughing is a crucial part of making and keeping friends. Laughter just might be more important for improving health than was thought. For more information on the results of the survey, check out the original report on PRNewswire.

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Who is Christian Broda?

Christian Broda is a economist and financial professional that lives in New York. He is the managing director at Duquesne Capital Management. While working at Duquesne Capital Management, he has overseen many start-up hedge funds. In 2005, Mr. Broda was a professor at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Christian taught economics there for five years. In 2008, he was the Chief International Economist at Barclays Investment Bank and the Head of International Research at Lehman Brothers.

Christian Broda has written many articles. Christian Broda wrote articles for the Oxford Journals, Wall Street Journals, American Economic Review, and the Quarterly Journal of Economics. The topic of the articles were on international finance and trade. Mr. Broda is an associate editor for the Journal of Development Economics, a co-editor of the IMF Economic Review. He is an associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research. He is also part of the Latin American Association Economia journal.

Mr. Christian Broda  according to his Forbes profile was awarded with James S. Kemper Foundation Scholar 2006-2008, and the National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant for the years 2005-2008. He holds membership with the American Economic Association, and the Society for Economic Dynamics. Mr. Broda went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1997. He acquired there a Master’s degree and a PhD in Economics. He also went to Universidad de ‘San Andrés’ in 1994. He acquired there a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. Mr. Broda is married with two sons.



Brad Reifler And Forefront Capital Help Easter Seals

Brad Reifler and Forefront Capital want to make sure that veterans are cared for when they get home from war, and the Easter Seals Dixon Center is taking a huge gift from Forefront Capital. The partnership between the two has a total of $3 million involved, and the total that is given to the center depends on how much Forefront can do for the center. The initial donation is $3 million, and the center will earn more money with help from Forefront.

The Forefront Capital team wanted to invest in a charity, and they want to volunteer at the center when they can. The partnership is two companies coming together to help each other, and Forefront plans to help the veterans at the center with financial services and training. Vets who want to learn how to manage their money better can get help from Forefront, and vets who want to learn how to change jobs when they are discharged from the service can work with Forefront.

Forefront is giving their initial donation to help with improvements to the center, but they want to stay committed for a long time so that the partnership has real meaning. Brad Reifler is very interested in how veterans can be assisted once they are no longer in the service, and that extends a lot to the money that they have. There are a lot of veterans on pensions, but they do not know how to manage them. Brad wants to offer services that will show vets how to invest their money, and Brad wants to help vets get into the business if they are no longer in the military.

Forefront Capital is interested in helping regular people to get the help that they need when they want to be more involved in the community, and it helps veterans be stables when they need it. Families of veterans often spend a lot of money to stay well, and the money that Forefront Capital is offering will educate veterans on how to manage their money. There is even a special fund at Forefront that is perfect for the people who only have a small amount of money to spend. makes it abundantly clear Brad Reifler believes in helping people as much as he can with the resources that he has, and he has money to give for veterans. Veterans get a lot of services when they come to the Dixon Center, and Forefront Capital will make sure that veterans are helped with their money. Some of them could end up working in finances, and others could end up using education they get from Forefront to make more money with their pensions or settlements after their military service has been completed.  Follow Brad’s Twitter for further updates.

Human Rights Foundation Leader Warns Against Corrupt Government Using Socialism to Rise to Power

Bernie Sanders’s followers do not understand socialism, according to Thor Halvorssen. Halvorssen is a film maker who leads a group known as the Human Rights Foundation. Although he is politically liberal, he believes that socialist governments can be too easily abused by authoritarian despots.

Socialism is an economic system where the people own the means of production, and the Scandinavian governments of Northern Europe, like many other countries around the world, use a hybrid system that mixes elements of socialism and capitalism. Corporations and businesses are still privately owned, but high taxation rates support many social programs.

Halvorssen believes that countries with a long, stable tradition of democracy can benefit from socialist policies, but unstable countries, such as Venezuela, can be taken over by authoritarian despots. He believes that many Sanders supporters do not understand how easily socialism can be manipulated by unscrupulous leaders. Many dictators come into power promising to improve conditions for the people. Many of these leaders fail to live up to their promises after they win the president or the prime minister’s seat.

Despite his criticism of Sanders and his followers, he has no love for Hillary Clinton, the current Democratic front-runner. Clinton and her husband have a history of taking donations from foreign powers known for habitually violating human rights.

Halvorssen’s cousin currently resides in a Venezuelan jail, and he started the human rights foundation to raise awareness of human rights abuses. He made his comments on the Fox Business Network show The Intelligence Report early in March 2016. The host interrupted him briefly to insert her own definition of socialism, but Thor Halvorssen did not let her derail the conversation.

FreedomPop Taking The Mobile World By Storm

They have millions of users spread throughout the United States and Europe. They are able to provide free cellular service because they bring a value to its customers that no other major carrier like Verizon, T-Mobile, or AT&T can offer. Running off of Sprint’s mobile network, they are able to provide quality services. They have 3 main plans. The first plan includes 200 voice minutes, unlimited texting, and 500MB of data. If a user chooses to upgrade to the premium package they will receive a host of benefits that the basic package does not provide. The premium package includes the ability to use your phone worldwide, bring your own phone, and crystal clear voice calling through Sprint’s mobile network. The plan also includes more minutes and data than the previous plan.

It is worth mentioning that the basic plan is only free for a year. After the year is up it cost a annual subscription of only $10.99. The premium plan can be purchased for only $5.99 a month. The highest package available includes unlimited talk, text, and the ability to add anywhere from 2MB to 10MB of data. Although not completely free, it is still a far better deal than what major carriers tend to offer. FreedomPop allows its customers to have access to a mobile network which is ever so important in this day and age, all while saving money in the process. FreedomPop is able to offer such low rates because they buy data wholesale then practically pass those savings along to the customer. In doing so they allow the customer to save money, in which they would of otherwise spent on costly data from other carriers.

FreedomPop has been known to have issues with its customer support. With it gaining traction in the United States and Europe at a exponentially growing rate, just maybe they can fix their customer service to an elite level like some of the other major front runners in the industry. They also are known to be a bit pushy when it comes to checking out on their homepage. They are known to bombard you with add-on features while checking out to pad the the monthly bill. All in all, FreedomPop still offers a great value for its customers.

Doe Deere Wants You To Express Yourself

Before falling in line with popular fashion trends, consider the uniqueness of your own ideas and play with the clothing you have. Sometimes, the best outfits can be created from what seems like a silly expression. Unusual combinations can emerge from experimenting with your closet, and you can become a fashion expert like you have never imagined from seeing the value of being an individual.

Doe Deere is the creator of quickly rising cosmetic business, Lime Crime, and she is definitely a female entrepreneur with the power to stay relevant among the competition. In a world overran by trends, she has managed to stand out among the creatives. She likes to rock unnatural hair colors and compliments her intriguing style with bold and powerful make-up. Her personal experiences with designing faces have lead her to implementing her favorite looks among the Lime Crime products. Now, you can receive some direct advice from the fashionista herself.

  • Go Bold –
    Many designers say too much bold at one time can really overwhelm a look. Doe Deere begs to differ. When used correctly, bolds can intensify an outfit and add an extreme layer of depth that captures the attention of onlookers everywhere. Bolds can exaggerate on the details of a pattern or just enhance a washed out appearance.
  • Mix-and-Match
    Different patterns and colors can compliment each other surprisingly well in particular combinations.
  • Wear Socks
    Putting socks on with open-toed shoes is not off limits, and as a matter of fact, Doe Deere loves it. She thinks socks can make shoes feel more comfortable while also giving color to those hard to reach places. Plus, they keep you warm during the winter, so your favorite fashions can stay alive all year round. Slip on patterned or texture socks to really make an outfit zing. Leg warmers are also easy accessories.
  • Rock Neutrals
    There is more than one occasion to wear neutral tones like black, white, gray and beige. Pair neutrals with a bright item to have a contrasting splash of excitement. Although neutrals go great with bright hair, having bright hair does not require wearing neutral colors and neutral colors do not require having bright hair. The two can be combined to create dynamic outfits that provide areas of interest to the viewers eye.

Regardless of what anyone says, Doe Deere wants you to follow your heart in designing, so you can be the best you everyday. Although she has advice to offer, she does not want it to limit your fashion decisions in any way. Wear the quirkiest thing you can just to stand out, or follow the rules to blend in with the crowd. When you are reaching to the closet, change it up a little and add a special touch of your own personality.

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YouTube Provides New Entertainment

One of the main advantages to YouTube is that it offers a diversity of entertainment. Almost anyone can become famous without having to go through some kind of industry. With YouTube, all people need is a little bit of creativity and some marketing skills. The fame that is achieved is slow unless they know how to create viral videos. However, the chances of making and releasing such a video is very small. Instead, most creators have to work hard in order to gain subscribers and continue to create content that people enjoy. The content can be entertaining, educational or both.

One YouTube marketer that has achieved fame is Wengie. Wengie runs a channel that is dedicated to style and beauty. She provides not only advice on how to find the greatest style, but also how to be creative and build one’s own style. She does not believe in the rigid standards that society often places on people when it comes to style and beauty. She is also very entertaining and creative in how she presents her videos. This has gained her the attention of not only her subscribers, but some interviewers who want to know more about her channel.

She could wear the same clothes every day and be about it. However, Wengie became interested in style and beauty at a young age and wanted to look for ways to bring out her own beauty. As she developed her channel, she didn’t stop at just the normal standards of beauty. She began to experiment more in order to find new looks that she could enjoy. Many people love the looks that she achieves as well as take inspiration from her example.

Technical Improvements made in 2015 within the Slyce Visual Search Technology

Several new technical features were highlighted in the annual year end report for the Slyce Inc which can be read on the Yahoo Finance website. Some of the technical improvements are the universal scanner integration, Slyce Link, Enhanced 3D Object Recognition, a 2D Content Management System and Coupon Author.

The Universal Scanner was integrated within the customers existing mobile app giving the user the ability to scan a variety of objects both physical and non physical such as magazine images or bar codes. This was made possible due to the use of Software Development Kits tailored for both platforms, Android and iOS. The technology was also made useable for web applications where the Universal Scanner can be integrated and made available online either by the retailer or the customer. The integration for the new users was very simple and simply required the user to integrate a few lines of code into their existing website. Both the native and mobile web software developments kits are completely customizable to the specifications of the clients application. The overall look and feel that the client has in their application can be maintained along side the integration of the universal scanner technology. This makes it extremely versatile and easy for new integration. Saving both time and money for the client and making this technology available for anyone.

Another technological feature that was launched on the 25th of November 2015 was the proprietary retail technology known as Slyce Link. This image recognition technology has been in the development phase for over a year due to its technical difficulty but is now available for beta testing. The beta testing phase has been done by a major retailer that offered it to its customers. This is a purpose built platform which revolves around visual product recommendations that are provided to the user.