Organo Gold promoting Health Living and Youth Empowerment

Organo Gold is an international marketing agency. The company specializes in the sell beverage manufacturing products. Such products include tea and coffee. The company was started in 2008 in Canada. The aim of the company is to realize a change of lives by helping people reach a higher level in their balance, freedom and live well being through the high quality and standardized products that the company provides and the business opportunities within Organo Gold Agency. The current Organo products have gone international and are currently available in more than 50 countries worldwide. View Organo Gold’s profile on

Organo Gold has employed the service of professional marketing service people across the globe. They have distributors who can distribute their products and also provide samples to the people who need them. The aim of the samples provided is to enable people to taste the quality of the product and entice people for more sales. Organo Gold provide exclusive shipping services which are automated of the product making it easily and cheaply available. They have a unit called the Preferred Customers Program which oversees the shipping of the product internationally.

The products that are manufactured by Organo Gold are quite unique. they contain a rare product known as the Ganoderma . for instance, the tea in which the company markets contain Ganoderma lucidium. This compound has a variety of importance in one’s body. It helps support the immune system of an individual. It also helps in cutting weight for the obese people or anyone who wants to reduce his/her weight due to the fact that it is low in sodium. Low sodium in tea is also good in managing one’s blood pressure by maintaining an equilibrium and also contains no calories at all.


Organo Red Tea contains Cordyceps. Cordyceps are mushroom products that are rare on the planet. Mushrooms containing cordyceps sprout from the backs of unique types of caterpillars. In ancient China, cordyceps was reserved for the royal emperors and the noble in the society. This, therefore, makes one feel the royalty when using Organo tea. Cordyceps are also good making someone adapts to high levels of stress and its management.

Organo Gold also provides a variety of other services to their customers all over the globe. They provide exclusive services including how to exercise, proper dieting and many other pieces of advice that touches on the real life. The company has also partnered with other corporate foundations. It has partnered with OG Cares Foundation which is a nonprofit organization that aims at supporting the youth by providing them with opportunities and knowledge in trade and entrepreneurship. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.