Mighty Fortress Church Creates Welcoming Environment

For so many people across the globe the act of returning (or going for the first time) to church can be such an overwhelming and nerve-wracking experience. At Mighty Fortress Church, located on Bass Lake Road in Minneapolis, they are working hard to create a welcoming environment where regular folks can feel welcomed into a place where they are taught the Bible in a practical way. Above all Mighty Fortress Church strives to create a comfortable atmosphere for all who walk through the door, led by Bishop Thomas Williams, the church strongly encourages you to “come as you are.” Visit Yelp to write a review about Mighty Fortress Church.

Many companies or places of worship will use a mission statement as a place to throw empty-slogans, but at Mighty Fortress Church are living their mission every single day. Designed to become an international voice for empowerment for all peoples, Mighty Fortress Church strives not to pressure folks into feeling guilt, but leading them to a position where they can be strengthened and live a life full of the Holy Spirit. Additionally, they stress the importance of community and the role of the church in helping to cure the ailments present in today’s society. At the Mighty Fortress Church they are of the belief that the truest form of the church is made up of all people, and they are living out that belief each and every day.

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As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, Mighty Fortress Church is led by the Bishop Thomas Williams who is assisted by his wife, and 1st Lady of Mighty Fortress Church, Sabrina R. Williams. Together the pair has a total of six degrees between the two of them, and have helped Mighty Fortress Church continue to grow both physically and spiritually. Thomas Williams is both the founder and and President of Mighty Fortress Church and views his role ahead of the church as a “bridge-builder in the body of Christ.” Meanwhile, First Lady Williams has been named the Senior Pastor and founder of Mighty Fortress Church International Ministries — in addition to her astonishing 25+ year career in the field of education. This is couple that understand the dynamics of family and have three kids of their own, so parents who may worry about taking their children to mass should feel at ease knowing the two heads of Mighty Fortress Church understand the Herculean task of parenting.

If you are one of the many folks who is apprehensive about returning to church, or if you have simply never given church a shot, then consider attending a mass at Mighty Fortress Church in Minneapolis. Their accessible message, extensive scholarship on the Bible, and their family-friendly atmosphere make for a church that is welcoming for all walks of life. Watch this video on Youtube.