Marathon Pharmaceuticals Bringing Forth A Solution To Pain Caused By Needles

An important player in the biopharmaceutical field, Marathon Pharmaceuticals specializes in both developing as well as launching of new treatments designed for rare diseases. The company is based in Northbrook, Illinois, but has offices in New Jersey and Chicago as well. They also created the Marathon Bioscience Center in Chicago, a facility dedicated for staff from research, regulatory, and clinical division, who are developing new therapies for various illnesses.


The company primarily focuses on crucial medications, which are produced in small volumes due to their tendency to be difficult to manufacture. They are responsible for the development of products such as Amytal Sodium, Seconal Sodium, and PECID. Amytal Sodium is a short-term treatment for insomnia, Seconal Sodium is used as a hypnotic in order to treat insomnia short-term, but is also used as an anesthetic, and PECID is designed to reduce the amount of acid in the stomach.


Their most popular product however is ZiNGO, which is a device that uses powdered lidocaine in order to numb specific areas before an injection. Needles can cause a great deal of anxiety and pain, especially for children. Thus, Marathon Pharmaceuticals launched ZiNGO, which is targeted mainly towards children with ages between 3 and 18. The hand-held device is easy to use, being able to deliver powdered lidocaine (a 0.5mg dose) to the application site. The particles get transferred through the skin and within 2 to 3 minutes it numbs the area and makes the injection or IV pain-free.


The Professor of Pediatrics, William T. Zempsky, led a pediatric clinical trial and noted that the ZiNGO device could represent a paradigm shift. He mentions that local anesthetic can take up to 60 minutes to work, which makes incorporation inconvenient, given the busy environment of the healthcare field. He explained to BusinessWire that ZiNGO is a source of relief to both children and parents.


Marathon Pharmaceuticals, in order to market and distribute the device, partnered up with the global distributor, Medline. Medline’s President of the division of Nutrition and Pharmaceuticals declared that the collaboration between the two entities is comprised by top-tier professionals of the healthcare field, focused on patient care.