Health Screening Provide A Valuable Incentive To Develop A Healthier Lifestyle

Life Line Screening’s services are ideal for individuals who worry that they are at risk for certain diseases, such as high cholesterol or carotid artery disease, which have no symptoms. While most people’s results are negative, a minority discovers potential problems that may be averted with lifestyle changes. While doctors routinely ordered these tests for their patients, cutbacks in what insurance companies with pay for leave some people feeling like they will gladly pay a small fee for peace of mind where their health is concerned.

Being community-based, Life Line Screening makes it simple for healthcare consumers to have the non-invasive screenings done at a convenient location close to home. Experienced technicians use the same equipment that technicians in hospitals use, and board-certified physicians interpret the results. If anything appears amiss, Life Line Screening’s physicians will suggest the customer contact their own physician as quickly as possible. The company also suggests that their health screening customers share their results with their primary care provider, regardless of the outcome.

Screenings, such as the one for peripheral arterial disease, may show the beginnings of a problem developing, which a person’s regular physician will probably wish to monitor, however, the incentive for the individual to begin exercising or change their diet is priceless. Seeing the results, not simply hearing their physician’s recommendation to stop smoking, may jar a person into taking action.

Individuals who visit a Life Line Screening mobile location can expect a finger stick blood test, an ultrasound screening or a limited electrocardiograph, depending on the screening that they select. All tests are painless and quick, therefore, there is no reason to delay finding out if anything is wrong.

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