Goettl Air has added another HVAC company to their arsenal

According to Goettl Air’s owner and Chief Executive Officer Kenneth Goodrich the company is looking to make this fan favorite a nationwide brand. They are expanding yet again after the acquisition of Walton’s Heating and Air located in southern California. It all happened in 2015 but Goodrich did not announce it until two years later. There was some kinks to figure out first like operational issues when it came to Walton’s and also marketing complications. The previous owner Todd Longbrake was unsure of the merger at first. It is a family owned business and he didn’t want to hand it over to a company that did not care. After hearing good things about the CEO and owner Kenneth Goodrich, Longbrake was convinced it was the right choice. Todd was also at a standstill with his family business and could do no more for it. As soon as Goettl took the reins, business has grown ten-fold. Longbrake was also hired on as a sales manager and field supervisor. According to Goodrich he has grown into the company perfectly and is a great leader.

What did Kenneth Goodrich see in the declining southern California heating and air conditioning company? He saw lots of potential and found a similarities as far as being family owned and company values. Goodrich knew with Goettl’s resources that it could grow exponentially in no time. It was a risk worth taking and he was right. Todd Longbrake is also very happy about the merger. Goettl is 306 employees big and will accumulate 200 more with this merger. They continue on their journey to become a nationwide brand by moving into Northern California and then into Texas. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Award winning heating and air conditioning company Goettl is setting the standard for the highest quality HVAC equipment and customer service in the biz. With Chief Executive Officer and owner Kenneth Goodrich as the helm, there is no stopping them. A family business started in 1939 by three brothers Adam, Bill, and John Goettl they had a bright future ahead of them. They received international recognition with their innovative thinking when it came to HVAC units. Many decade later their grandchildren Ted and Adam run the family business, along with Goodrich to provide only the best customer service the nation has yet to experience. They had over 100 patents on the market and were voted Arizona’s best heating and air conditioning company in the state. You can visit their Facebook page to know more.

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