Dr. Akhil Reddy’s recommends Five-Star French Wines with Prices

It takes time to come up with a good and rich wine. It’s not about price, but the type of grape and the skill involved in the fermentation process. There’s great choice in French wine, available for as little as below $30 in the market.

Away from my dentistry office, I see myself as the wine connoisseur, and that is how I came with a simple compilation of the cheap vintages you can opt for. The list is focusing on more permanent markets.

Other Ways of Finding Great Wines
You are encouraged to acquaint yourself with the list of the varieties of available grapes, especially those that produce good wine. The most liked include Chenin Blanc and Voisin. Avoid also prominent and highly publicized brands, since you can find a top quality wine which suits your budget.

The list below will give a hint of the low-cost yet good wines:

Cotes de Bordeaux Castillon, $18
This is a great and elegant wine. It is red, with fruity flavors and floral undertones, making it the most ideal for wine. It is good for a good meal.
Others include:
• Château Haut Bernasse, $15
• Chateau Beaumont, Medoc, $11
• Chateau Perat, Castillon, $11
• Château Saint-Maur, $25
• La Vieille Ferme, du Ventoux, $8.

Dr. Reddy’s Guide for Dressing under a White Coat
Khakis and Dress Shirt-this is the casual attire. It gives an effortless shout and a great way of communicating style. You can actually work overtime in such casual attire since they do not come with the strict pairing.

Dark Jeans under collared shirts- this tells your style. The jeans should be fitted and blending with the environment. The jeans should not have many pockets and zips. Try them out once in a week, with nice polished shoes for completion.

Dr. Akhil Reddy
Dr. Akhil Reddy is a professional and certified dentist, fashion icon and a wine lover. His many years in service has enabled him to become one of the most sought doctors. He has imparted his knowledge, and as an avid reader, he spends his free time fetching new books and trying to catch up.

Education and Career
Dr. Akhil Reddy studied dentistry and Biology at the University of Pacific. He heads the Just Health 510. Dr. Reddy served previously as a member of the Innovations in Memberships Task Force. The organization is based in California.

Dr. Akhil received the Michael J. Minch Award for the exceptional and excellent research during his undergraduate studies. He published the Right Balance by Dentists and the Dentist Care Provider. He has remained true to the medical field, making leaps and achievements from one level to another.