Dare to Deere

Doe Deere

Everyone has those childhood dreams that we can only dream about actually coming true. While some dreams are more typical and considered practical, others may be seen as wild an out of the ordinary. Doe Deere’s dream came true for her and it is not something that is very typical but it is something that is hers. Her dream continues to make her happy everyday as she mentions in an interview with galore, which is not something that many people, even adults, cannot say about their day to day lives or their jobs. Doe Deere’s career is just getting started.

Doe Deere had always had a fascination with color ever since she was a little girl. That would explain why her makeup is so vibrant and noticeable. She wanted to create a line that was different from any other brand of makeup out there and that is exactly what she did. Deere came from artistic beginnings as a child with a strong imagination and a love for colors. Her first experiences with makeup were not the greatest works of art and Deere even mentions that she didn’t really get good with her own makeup until she was in her twenties.

Deere was born in Russia and moved to New York at the age of eighteen. She started off in a band where she met her husband and she admits that makeup was not in her horizons until she couldn’t find the type of cosmetics that she was looking for. Always having a love of bright colors, she couldn’t find makeup with those unique colors and decided to do it herself. Thus, Lime Crime was born and it remains to be a brand that is one of a kind today. This brand of makeup is different for more reasons than the broad spectrum of colors that is Lime Crime.

Doe Deere’s brand doesn’t use animal testing for its products so it is a line of makeup that appeals to people who are against animal cruelty. Even more unique than that, Deere tries on her new products on herself before they are released to the public. In addition to that, Deere eventually branched out from only makeup and even offers other items such as wigs and nail polish on the cosmetics website. Doe Deere took her passion for colors and makeup and created a unique and popular brand that only seems to get better with time.