ClassDojo Allocates $21 Million towards the Enhancement of its Education App

In its Series B round of financing, ClassDojo has raised a record $21 million to improve the education app that allows teachers to update parents on their kid’s behavior development and activities at school. Therefore, parents are conversant with the progress that their children are making both academically and in co-curricular activities. Chaudhary and Don, co-founders of the firm, said that round was closed towards the end of 2015.


The co-founders added that the capital raised would be used to expand their workforce and develop unique features and content to meet the needs of parents who utilize the application both during the day and at night. Educators use ClassDojo to prepare a schedule of activities that parent knows, on a regular basis. They can use it to capture and send pictures or clips to parents showing student’s projects and their participation in activities.


History of ClassDojo


Before launching ClassDojo in 2011, its co-founders discovered that majority of education tech businesses were creating digital curriculum, testing platforms, and grade books. However, they did not see a simple and free app that would build a culture and personalized relationship between educators, learners, and parents. Therefore, they tapped into this lucrative opportunity and introduced ClassDojo. Since then, other education apps seeking to keep teachers and students’ parent in touch have been introduced. The firm reports that educators in 85,000 schools in the U.S. use the app actively. Currently, ClassDojo’s primary objective is to distribute its app to more tutors and parents.


ClassDojo’s overview


ClassDojo is a communication platform for students, educators, and parents/guardians. It assists educators to empower specific student behavior via real-time teacher-to-leaner feedback through mobile devices and the web. The behavior report generated by the app can be shared with both students and parents. It tracks behaviors such as hard work, commitment, teamwork, innovativeness, and curiosity. The app was unveiled to the market in August 2011, and its users have grown to over 3.5 million in over 60 nations.


Fundamental principles of ClassDojo


ClassDojo connect tutors with learners and parent to develop incredible classroom communities. It operates under two basic principles:


  • Consistent positive reinforcement results in positive behavior. This entails building qualities necessary for effective learning such as curiosity and creativity. Teachers, who use the app, report a tremendous increase in positive behavior.


  • Establish a strong connection between teachers and students prior to providing academic content. The software has numerous resources to help teachers to engage their students in a personalized manner.