A maven among mavericks

Julia JacksonJulia Jackson is a maverick in her industry. Her father, Jess Jackson founded the powerhouse vineyard, leaders of the wine industry are usually reserved for men. But Juliia took this notion and tossed it out the window. In this spirit Julia created founded an organization committed to help inspire young women to achieve greatness. Julia puts her money where her mouth is. Donating 100,000 every year to young women who “powered through” lives that were filled with tribulation. Julia seemed to have a natural affinity to the wine industry, seen picking, and selecting grapes as a child.Her college days were split among 2 institutions. One was Scripps College. Where she earned her Bachelors degree, cementing her business acumen. She later attended Stanford Graduate School of business. Julia Jackson

During college she took over as the spokesperson of Jackson Family Wines while completing her certificate in 2010.Part of her family empire includes Champ de’Reves, where Pinot Noir is born. The harvest is kept at a minimum to breed the appreciation that these unique high altitude flavors reign. The Vineyard has a unique landscape built in soil with varying soils. The altitude and unique sun exposure gives the Decomposed sandstone an abundance of minerals all while maintaining a strict standard of flavor. Champ de’Reves version of Pinot Noir is known to have a powerful bouquet that highlights the cold climate of this fan favorite. Julia has placed her family vineyard with a great future outlook. Only fitting for a Wine Maven.

Advice for Starting a Business Online

Starting a business takes hard work and perseverance. The outcome can be highly rewarding. Before taking the first step, you have a few things to consider beforehand. Like: your finances, a business plan, if you can turn your personal passion into a business, and who might you learn from to speed up your own learning curve. Such as Doe Deere, founder and creator of Lime Crime Cosmetics.


Choosing the Right Business

Many successful businesses were first a passionate hobby.


Step One: Identifying Whether Your Passion is Marketable

First you’ll have to check into market trends to make your that your passion will actually make a good business. One that’ll have sustainability and keep you busy, creative, and profitable for years. Learn more: http://www.phillypurge.com/2017/06/05/finding-your-business-niche-like-doe-deere/


Step Two: Planning for Success

Next, you’ll want to lay out a business plan. Basically, planning out all the details of your business. Making sure you have all you need and in order for when you apply for financial assistance. Banks and other loan issuers are more likely to invest if your business plan is detailed & comprehensive. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/doe-deere/


Step Three: Have the Right Mindset

Finally, before you ever put your plans into motion, you have to seriously ask yourself: Are you willing to spend months of work for little to no pay, even when the days seem incredibly long and the money gets tight? If not, then you may not be ready to start a business. If you are, then keep taking the steps and in no time you’ll be selling your services and goods to happy customers.


Who is Doe Deere?

Doe Deere is the CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. A company specializing in the brightest, most colorful makeup on the market. In 2008, Ms. Deere took her passion for bright hued colors to create her purely Internet based business. What started as a personal search for bright and unusual colors, which no one else offered, became a unique business that gained major popularity quickly in just a few years. She even got her company certified Vegan & Cruelty-Free by PETA & Leaping Bunny.


Cruelty-free (no animal testing) products such as nail polishes, eye shadows, lipsticks and more. Doe’s policy is to try everything the company makes themselves & listen to anyone and everyone. Customers, employees, even people who don’t like her. To quote her, ”there’s always something to learn if you’re willing to open your ears and your mind.” Anyone wishing to start their own business can learn much from Deere’s passion, business practices and out of the box ideas. Learn more: http://doedeerefam.com/


Starting a business can be the most rewarding and profitable idea you can have. Making sure you have a good idea, a sound business plan, and the right mindset will make success much more likely. Learn more: http://inspirery.com/doe-deere/


Malini Saba: A True Giver

There are very few people who can claim ultimate success in the world of both business and philanthropy. We always hear of business people giving to charity, but for the most part that is just for the tax write-offs. When it comes to Malini Saba, however, her giving is out of the goodness of her heart and her empathy with the victims of discrimination and disaster.


Malini started off herself as a poor individual that moved to the U.S. from Sri Lanka when she was just 19. She only had $200 to her name when she first came to the States, and she was not really sure what she wanted to do with her life. That was until she attended a few business courses at Stanford University, her husband’s school. There, she fell in love with the field of venture capitalism and investing. From then on she tried to get a job at a venture capital firm, failing at every corner because, after all, she was just a poor girl with a lot of ideas. Soon, she decided to just create her own company. She named it Saban.


Now Saban is one of the leaders in worldwide investments, having a portfolio that spans the technology, oil and gas, and even real estate sectors. Recently, Saban has started to move its portfolio into lucrative commodities to further grow its bottom line. Malini takes chances and invests where no other investors are willing to go. She sees risk not as a downfall, but as a challenge that can be overcome. With her profits, she gives back to her original community and many other communities around the world.


Malini started giving back as soon as she could. She aided in the Sri Lankan relief efforts after the a power tsunami devastated the island nation. She gave over $10 million of her own money to help her home country. She also started Stree, a nonprofit organization devoted to helping women all over the world get out of poverty. This organization gives women access to healthcare and the empowerment they need to better the world. It also helps lower income and at-risk women find work and become entrepreneurs to shape global public policy.


On her Web site, Malini states that women have the ability to make the world a better place, no matter where they come from or what their race is. She is a living testament to that, and she puts her money where her mouth is.