A maven among mavericks

Julia JacksonJulia Jackson is a maverick in her industry. Her father, Jess Jackson founded the powerhouse vineyard, leaders of the wine industry are usually reserved for men. But Juliia took this notion and tossed it out the window. In this spirit Julia created founded an organization committed to help inspire young women to achieve greatness. Julia puts her money where her mouth is. Donating 100,000 every year to young women who “powered through” lives that were filled with tribulation. Julia seemed to have a natural affinity to the wine industry, seen picking, and selecting grapes as a child.Her college days were split among 2 institutions. One was Scripps College. Where she earned her Bachelors degree, cementing her business acumen. She later attended Stanford Graduate School of business. Julia Jackson

During college she took over as the spokesperson of Jackson Family Wines while completing her certificate in 2010.Part of her family empire includes Champ de’Reves, where Pinot Noir is born. The harvest is kept at a minimum to breed the appreciation that these unique high altitude flavors reign. The Vineyard has a unique landscape built in soil with varying soils. The altitude and unique sun exposure gives the Decomposed sandstone an abundance of minerals all while maintaining a strict standard of flavor. Champ de’Reves version of Pinot Noir is known to have a powerful bouquet that highlights the cold climate of this fan favorite. Julia has placed her family vineyard with a great future outlook. Only fitting for a Wine Maven.

UKV PLC Wine Investments Got you covered

There is nothing that compliments a good occasion, like the right choice of wine. Just like we dress differently to fit different occasions, different wines fit different occasions. It is this right choice that will add on the laughter in your party. Many people have specific wines that are preserved for special celebrations. UKV PLC is your partner in making this happen. The company helps you to make the right choice in wine department. UKV PLC advises you whether your aim of buying the wine is for personal pleasure or investment purposes.

UKV PLC wine investments have a qualified staff with high expertise in the field. It is with this knowledge that they advise you accordingly depending on your purpose. The UKV PLC wines and investments have access to all the wine varieties. The reason behind its vast source is; the company is not registered to work with specific brand of wine. The firm, is, therefore, not restricted to sourcing their wines from one company. UKV PLC will, therefore, expose you to all the available European wines.

Are you considering multiplying your savings by investing in wine? UKV PLC Company got you covered. The company gives you a platform to create robust social network. This relationship could benefit you in other ways apart from the wine business.

UKV PLV is globally recognized. Quality wine is viewed as a sign of wealth. Only the wealthy can consume the highly pleasurable wine. UKV PLC gives you a platform where you can network with their other investors, to discuss ways in which you can improve wine selling to maximize your profit. Selling quality wine also helps you easily access prominent people and interact with them as they are the number one customers.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is wine is a precious product. Quality wine is associated with the wealthy people in the society. UKV PLC gives you a platform of investing in the wines of the most pleasurable wines in the best vineyards. The company has a variety of wine products because it is an independent company and works with different merchants and brokers in the field.

UKV PLC Info: www.crunchbase.com/organization/uk-vintners-plc#/entity