Securus Technologies Adds to its List of Acquisitions

Dallas-based prison technology giant Securus Technologies recently announced that they have purchased GovPayNet, a payment processing company catering to the needs of government agencies. This acquisition gives Securus Technologies another piece of the pie when it comes to providing government agencies a one-stop solution. GovPayNet will continue operating under its current name but the expanded capabilities that go along with this acquisition will increase their bottom line. Securus’ already successful JPay payment processing will be enhanced by the infrastructure already in place by GovPayNet. Securus CEO, Bob Pickens, and GovPayNet CEO, Mark MacKenzie are looking forward to the two companies combining their services.


Securus Technologies was started in 1986 and over the past 30+ years, has become the premier player in the prison technology sector. They provide technological solutions for jails, correction facilities, payment services, inmate self-service, biometric analysis, and many other services. This deal is the latest in over 20 different acquisitions that Securus has secured over the past decade. The company provides its services to over 3,500 government agencies and over 1.2 million inmates. GovPayNet provides credit and debit processing for over 2,300 government agencies and their services cover over 26% of counties in the United States. The combined capabilities will further establish Securus Technologies market share in the space.

Securus Technologies Designs Crime Prevention Program

Securus Technologies expert and CEO, Rick A. Smith, is committed to solving crime beyond incarceration. Thousands of inmates and their families are communicating over a secure network with the benefits of strict government regulations. In fact, Securus was one the first regulation network providers to go along with a stabilized inmate communication network. They recognized they were able to use their own technologically advanced solutions to create a very successful crime prevention program. Their customers have also attempted to help in their fight against crime by reporting incidences of abuse and fraud on their customer feedback forum listed on their website. You can also speak to one of their friendly IT professionals to file a confidential complaint.


Securus Technologies Crime Prevention Features


– Stop illegal inmate cellphone use

– Eliminate inmate gambling

– Stop illegal inmate money transfers

– Stop telecommunications crimes

– Add additional facility monitoring

– and more…


Their goal is to a make sure their customers are receiving every minute allotted under their contract. As a result, of their crime prevention program, over 2.4 million minutes processed for inmates and their families are proven guarantee over a secure line that costs less.


Who Is Securus Technologies


Securus is an interactive inmate communication provider with rates that are unmatched by their competitors $4 to $1. You can find many features and services listed directly on their website. Their features allow you to pay for calling credits up front, visit securely over the internet, leave an inmate a voicemail, and more. More customers are switching to the Securus Technologies network because they’re putting the needs of their customers first with programs which gives them less fees and more time to talk to the ones they love in a correctional facility.


You’re invited to visit their interactive website for more details on their programs and services today.


Securus Technologies Enhance Communication in Correction Facilities

Securus Technologies has gained a lot of reputation in the correction industry due to our ability to supply communication services to the sector. Currently, we serve more than 3,450 prisons and over 1, 200,000 convicts. At Securus, we work on making sure calls to a correctional facility are safe and clear. Smith Eric, the current CEO, works on providing outstanding customer experiences.


Our headquarters are in Dallas. We tailor our services to match the demand in North America jails. Securus also provides emergency response, public information, incident management, investigation, communication, biometric analysis, inmate self-service, products inspection, and information management. We concentrate on connecting what matters.


Customers Response about Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies is the leading provider of criminal and civil justice technology solutions for investigations, public safety, and correction. Customers had different experiences with products we offer at Securus. Smith stated that Securus develops a new service or product to help correction officious and law enforcers to prevent and solve crimes. He pointed out about the positive feedbacks we receive from customers. Most of the emails and letters acknowledge us for keeping society including convicts, their relatives, and parolees safe.


Crime officials express their gratitude for our assistance in helping them get the evidence they required to build a case through monitoring phone conversations to the center. In a case, calls were monitored as the officials suspected that they contain details regarding inmate drug selling and alcohol use in the facility. The team found information that confirmed their suspense and the victim was convicted.


Experienced Personnel


We invite our investors, prospective stockholders, potential customers, and competitors for a presentation on how our system works to prevent and solve irregularities. Our Technology Center is in Dallas, Texas. We have teams of devoted and trained staffs for every department to ensure that clients receive the best for their money.

Securus Technologies Become Gold Stevie Award Winner

The Gold Stevie Awards were held in Las Vegas’ Caesars Palace on February 24. During the event, Securus Technologies won the Stevie Award for Best Customer Service Training Department. Over 650 professionals from various parts of the wold were in attendance.


More than 75 individuals in several judging committees selected the Gold, Silver and Bronze Stevie Award recipients from the companies who qualified as finalists.


Danny de Hoyos, the senior vice president of operations for Securus, states that it was great for the company to receive such prestigious recognition. He shares that Securus is continuing to make strides in customer service.


de Hoyos also states that the Securus training team was recognized for showing empathy in customer situations and solving issues during the first call. The organization also worked on methods and materials that will assist agents in relating to their customers, meeting their needs and helping them through particularly stressful times.


Comments from the judges concerning Securus Technologies included the notion that Securus has an important role in society and are equipped to provide quality services to people who need it. Securus has also improved at an impressive rate and is good at recognizing problems and implementing effective team member training. These are just some of the reasons Securus was the perfect choice for the Gold Stevie.






Securus Technologies: A Green Choice

Securus Technologies, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is one of the major providers of criminal justice and civil technology services for corrections, investigation, monitoring and public safety. Their most recent product is the electronic ConnectUs Inmate Forms and Grievance application via the service. Why is this important?


It’s important because prisons utilize a lot of paper forms when processing “inmate requests” including (but not limited to) handbook acceptance forms, medical and grievance forms. The staff rack up many hours archiving, collecting, copying, distributing, filing, logging, responding to, routing and storing said forms. The ConnectUs Inmate Forms and Grievance app, can quickly produce, edit and generate specific forms for any inmate without printing out anything because it’s digital. Securus’ system makes a difference in that it can handle almost 14 forms per inmate per month. This allows the corrections officers to concentrate on security and safety and also allows inmates to check on the status of their concerns online.


Securus‘ goal with their new ConnectUs Inmate Forms and Grievance application is just a part of their company’s goal to provide correctional institutions with the automated tools and equipment to modernize and update what they refer to as “the incarceration experience.” ConnectUs is a state-of-the-art inmate platform. It provides prison inmates with access to numerous applications custom-designed by the individual correctional facilities.


Furthermore, this new application also is able to control what is available to the inmates and when they are allowed to access it. The app is designed to provide each correctional facility that uses it to have complete control over any and all content to which the inmates have access. Some of the specifics regarding the app include the capability to show the specific date, time and even location of each inmate as well as a “digital inmate bulletin board” which permits the staff of the facility to more efficiently communicate with the inmates. Finally, it’s available in multiple languages.


Securus App Downloads Increase as People Become Familiar with Video Calls

The state of inmate communication is changing, and this is for the better. More prisons are getting overcrowded, and it is difficult just to have a full time staff that will be able to handle these inmates. That makes it even more difficult for the state to hire people that can facilitate visits for family. The Securus app is the solution that takes care of those types of things.  Watch more on

Securus is the company that according to Linked In article, has essentially taken the world by storm. This is a technology company that may help the problem that the Department of Corrections is running into. This is the type of company that has been simmering in the background with an assortment of technology for law enforcement. Over time the company has penetrated the law enforcement market with surveillance software that could help investigators determine groups that were forming in the prison. This intelligent software would be able to help investigators scope out areas in the prison where trouble might be brewing through various prison associations.

The thing that would really take Securus to the next level was the visitation app for inmates. People that are seeing this app are amazed by how much they are able get done without having to go to prison to get checked in for a visit. The Securus app has made visitation easy. That is why according to, more than 65,000 people have downloaded it. This is also the reason why the app is getting a green light for more prison systems that have become familiar of this app. More info posted at

Securus has been a company that has slowly moved to the top as visual phone calls take the front seat in the technology sector. The collect calls are becoming a thing of the past. Securus is moving prison technology to the next level.