Paul Mampilly- prominent financial expert

When people are looking for advice on different issues, they usually go for people who have been tried and tested in that particular field. Advice must be coming from experts and not people who have no experience in the particular issue on the table. Experts need to have more than just experience. They must be brilliant at what they do. No one wants to take advice from an expert who has many years of failure. When it comes to financial matters learning from legitimate experts is essential. These are people who will provide you with essential information needed to make the right decisions. As we all know, the financial sector can be cruel to anyone without experience. It is one of the fields that one wants to be careful with before concluding on anything. Follow Paul Mampilly on

Many people lack knowledge of matters finances. It is for this reasons that the services of people like Paul Mampilly are important. Who is he? Paul Mampilly is a financial expert who has been in the financial sector long enough to understand what it means to make a good investment decision. His main focus today is to help a majority of Americans who do not have knowledge about investments to make the right investment decisions.

Paul Mampilly has experience of over two decades working for the biggest players in the financial industry. He has worked with banks and hedge funds in Wall Street who have given him the requisite knowledge to know what it takes to make a good investment decision. Read this article at

He started his career in 1991 when he joined Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager. He quickly proved that he was brilliant in matters of finances, he moved on to the banks where he worked with a number of them including ING and Deutsche Bank. In the banks, he was responsible for managing accounts worth millions of dollars. He got used to huge amounts of money, and his next destination was in the Wall Street.

Paul Mampilly was given an opportunity as the hedge fund manager of the Kinetics Asset management. This firm had about $6 billion of funds to be managed. In 2006, he made history in the firm when he grew the funds to $25 billion which was the biggest growth in that year in the Wall Street. The Barrons recognized the firm as the “best return” of the year. After working for some time in the industry, he left Wall Street to go to independent practice.