Talkspace Teaches The Art Of Bouncing Back After A Loss

Coping with the loss of a pet is just as difficult as dealing with the grief associated with the death of a human loved one. Talkspace recommends that the grieving pet owner seek out organized support to help come to terms with the death of the pet. This may encompass joining a support group for people who have lost pets, as well as seeking out one-on-one counseling with a certified therapist.

For others in that person’s life, there may be a desire to help him or her overcome their grief. One way to help is by encouraging the individual to discuss the pet, or by sharing stories about experiences they have had with the pet. Looking at pictures of the pet may also help. It’s important for the grieving person to feel connected to others who shared a connection to the pet. It provides a bonding experience, but also helps them to feel that their grief over the pet is validated. They shouldn’t be made to feel silly that they’re distraught over the pet’s death.

If you’re the one grieving, there are ways you can help yourself bounce back more quickly. No one likes to feel sad or grief-stricken, so you’ll want to do what you can to move forward. This means treating yourself with kindness and not criticizing yourself over how long you’ve been grieving. Everyone heals differently, so accept that it’s going to take however long it takes. Additionally, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Some days will be worse than others, so don’t resist the urge to reach out to family, friends, a support group, or your therapist. They want to help you.

Talkspace is a mobile app that helps to connect those in need with the right therapist to help them. Since not every therapist is right for any individual, Talkspace uses your information and responses to match you with a like-minded therapist. The right professional is chosen based on your character and your price range, so there will never be any question about your therapist’s requirements or qualifications.

Once connected, counseling takes place via text messaging. This helps eliminate the need for time consuming office visits that may require a tedious commute across town. What may be an even more desirable advantage is that it helps the individual feel freer to express themselves. They can write openly about their problem and receive a compassionate response within minutes. While Talkspace may not replace your regular therapist, it can provide a convenient alternative in an emotional crisis.