Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance On The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope strongly believes in the internet of things. He has an excellent reputation as an entrepreneur and frequently writes and comments on the latest trends on tech.

Jason hope recently wrote about the extensively at Tech.co. He called the internet of things the most significant new wave of advancement to hit the technological industry.

The articles are assumed to be among authorities on the latest technology’s direction.

According to Jason Hope, the internet of things is the connected technology allows various devices to sync with each other. It involves tools that are used in daily life like street lights, cars, electronic devices, and kitchen appliances.

In a nutshell, this trend encapsulates their ability to connect using the same network and share data to enhance efficiencies and reduce waste. As explained by this philanthropist and futurist, the internet of things has the potential to completely change the way the business operates and strands to be the leading advancement in this technological industry in the future.

Jason is optimistic that other global economic players will impress this advancement. He predicts that this will enhance the knowledge that all conceivable devices can connect.

According to Hope, this smart technology is a convenient option for many consumers. There will be competition among leading companies to come up with relevant applications for the consumers to involve them in their daily lives across different devices.

The advantage of embracing smart technology plus the internet of things is that it can remove copious was and make as live safely. It will affect all our areas of work from the kitchen to road transport. It will reduce congestions on the roads for instance.

About Jason Hope

He is a futurist, entrepreneur, investor and philanthropists. He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is very passionate about technology and giving back to the community. He grew in Temple hence received a finance degree from the Arizona State University. He proceeded to do his masters from ASU’S W.P. Carey School of Business. He has an interest in politics related to business throughout the state of Arizona and nationally.

Talk Fusion Takes Marketing to another Level

Talk Fusion’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Bob Reina has published two articles on HuffPost, previously known as the Huffington Post. The first piece titled Promoting With Purpose: How to Understand Your Audience was published on 24th of April 2017. The next article, How To Thrive in a Society of Quitter, was also released the following day. Huffington Post changed its name to HuffPost is a new twist in its mission of telling the stories of people left out of the dialogue, and this is according to what the editor in chief Lydia Polgreen said in a letter. HuffPost’s initiatives are in line with Bob Reina’s mission as a contributor and the head of Talk Fusion Company.


Talk Fusion’s CEO Bob Reina says that he believes in the art of innovation and a brand’s name is never complete. He aims at setting people on a path to success, irrespective of where they are in the world, or their background. That, Bob says, is very evident in the articles that he has written. Bob has been contributing to the HuffPost since August 2016 where he has highlighted entrepreneurship marketing and trends in video technology, lifestyle, skilful selling as well as self-development.


Bob is pleased that his Contributor Platform took a turn to nurture the things that matter, thanks to their re-branding. They include culture and fulfilment. He looks forward to sharing more insight through his articles not only to the Talk Fusion’s Clients and associates but also the 200 million readers of HuffPost.


About Talk Fusion


Talk Fusion is a Florida-based video marketing company offering video marketing solutions to its clients. Talk Fusion assists business to be unique and beat the competition, maximise sales and profits and keep their customer satisfied so that they can come back. Talk Fusion is dedicated to offering more dynamic ways to make marketing more interactive, persuasive, and memorable through the use of video.


Its innovative products are marketed one-on-one by independent Associates who are in more than 140 countries around the globe. To get the all-in-one Video Marketing Solution 30 day trial, just visit Talk Fusion Website. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/TalkFusion/