Former Atlanta Hawks Owners Sued AIG Insurance For Operating In Bad Faith

Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC and its controlling partner, Bruce Levenson, recently filed a breach contract lawsuit against New Hampshire’s AIG insurance company. The former owners of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise accuse the insurer of failing to acknowledge and pay claims made before the sale of the NBA franchise by the club’s former manager Danny Ferry. They also accuse the insurer of operating in bad faith. Nonetheless, though the case involves the Hawks, it doesn’t affect the current management.

AHBE’s complaint

According to court documents, the insurer’s policy on AHBE covered losses relating to employment practices including workplace torts and wrongful termination. AHBE, therefore, claims that it made it clear to the insurer that such claims had been exerted against them by their former manager Ferry. However, the insurer refused to acknowledge the claim or the fact that the insurance policy with Hawks had been triggered.

These documents further allege that the insurer ignored the obligation to pay and recognize that Mr. Ferry’s claim had triggered the policy. The insurer also steadfastly refused to participate in defending these claims without reasonable justification and in total bad faith. AHBE and Levenson thus seek a 50% penalty on the unpaid losses as well as payment of attorney’s fees and costs.

About Bruce Levenson

Bruce is a renowned businessman with interests in entertainment, especially media and sports enterprises. He is the former owner co-owner and controlling partner if the Atlanta Hawks LLC that owned and operated the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and team as well as the Georgian Phillips Arena.

Levenson is also the co-founder of the United Communications Group (UCG), a business information company specializing in data research and analysis for the healthcare, energy and banking industries. Levenson also sits on the board of several other companies such as the TechTarget. He also serves in several philanthropic organizations (see: such as the Community Foundation of Washington

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