Roberto Santiago, the Man that can look into the Future and see Greatness

Have you ever envisioned a bright future for yourself? I believe you have. In Brazil is a man by the name of Roberto Santiago who despite all odds has been able to create a masterpiece that still has necks swaying to date. As a wealthy billionaire with a deep passion of investing in prime real estate, Roberto is renowned for being the founder of the Manaira Shopping Mall, a complex epic in both size and proportion. The Manaira Shopping Mall has for more than two decades stood out as being the largest shopping complex in Brazil. Housing 96 shops, the facility can accommodate retailers and wholesalers of any kind. Not only is the building host to some of the most prestigious entertainment joints in the country but also houses hotels and restaurants. Some of the facilities that stand out in Manaira Shopping Mall are the Domus Hall, the Waynes, Espaco Gourmet, Capital Steakhouse, and the Espaco Capital Steakhouse.



Since its inception, the Manaira Shopping Complex has captivated visitors from across the divide. Located along a major road corridor, Manaira Shopping Mall has become the destination of choice for both friends and family. Through time, Manaira Shopping Mall has been able to evolve adopting and adapting new systems of operation. To this end, it has been able to offer products and services to children and adults alike. Also, the complex happens to rely on a pillar meant to accommodate individuals of all economic hierarchies. By intermarrying different levels of services, all people are eligible to have a good time at the facility. When it comes to getting the right product to suit your tastes and preference, Manaira Shopping Mall is the place to be. It is the only location in Brazil where you can find the latest trends in fashion and technology all under one roof. Items purchased from the mall also happen to be of the highest grade and quality. Hence, you are less likely to get disappointed as a shopper.



So epic is the Manaira Shopping Mall to the extent that it houses a state of the art college within its premise. Hence, it is proof enough that Manaira Shopping Mall is not only an economic hub but also a technological silicon valley. If it were not for Roberto Santiago’s forward way of thinking, Manaira Shopping Mall would only be a myth or would not exist. Roberto has proven to the world that dreams indeed come true. At 59 years of age, Mr. Santiago is also the proud owner of the Mangeira Shopping Mall, yet another complex that is gigantic in its right. The alumnus of the X-Marist College and the University Center of Joao Pessoa also happens to have a broad knowledge in matters regarding Business Administration, hence his enormous success in life. As an entrepreneur hailing from the Joao Pessoa region, Roberto Santiago’s wealth remains unmatched. Roberto Santiago ranks in the higher cadre as one of the wealthiest and influential individuals in Brazil.