Leading inmates Service Provider-Rick Smith

He is described as an information technology expert who has held top positions in the Information Technology sector in various organizations. Richard Smith is the Chief executive Officer and the President of Securus Technologies. For more than 20 years; Rick has been serving in different capacities which include the finance sector, the Information technology sector as well as the operations departments. After his high school graduation; Rick Smith attended the State University of New York and the University of Rochester and graduated with Bachelor’s degree in Engineering as well as an MBA. Mr. Smith has a vast experience in management and operation that made him a perfect candidate to be appointed as the President and the Chief executive Officer of Securus Technologies in 2008.

Before his appointment at the correctional service provider; Rick held yet another top position as the Chief Executive Officer of Telecom Company. He led the organization to high heights because it is during his tenure that the group’s revenue rose eleven times to about $350 million and recorded a 48% expansion. Mr. Rick is known to be an instrumental leader who is and has always been determined to lead any group to new levels. At Securus Technologies; Smith is responsible for building relationships, as well as the expansion of the company. Rick Smith was in the forefront of leading Securus in the acquisition of JPay. During the acquisition process; Rick said that Securus has been placed among the fastest expanding inmates providing organizations in terms of emails, pay services and the latest one being the provision of inmates’ tablets. Securus Technologies acquiring JPay will enable them to offer best and quality services with the latest technology.

Securus Technologies has been among the organizations that are working hard by providing services as well as products to protect the community. Recently the organization has been coming up with new quality products and services that have been making more clients including individuals and correctional facilities come for more of their products and services. The company has been receiving numerous letters as well as emails from their thrilled customers expressing their joy and appreciation. Rick who the Chief Executive Officer of the firm mentioned that the group is a strong investment which is determined to make products as well as service developments at list once per week. Securus Technologie’s vision is to see correctional institutions, inmates, their families and the society at large safe. Richard Smith said that their primary aim is to see the organization building security measures in the community which is also part of their DNA. Ever since its foundation; secures Technologies has been distributing their as well as services to more than 3450 correctional facilities all across Northern America and to more than 120000 inmates.