Brian Bonar is a Golden Entrepreneur in Restaurant Knowledge

Anyone who is anything in the world of finance is familiar with the name Brian Bonar. He is a finance mogul and has been well known in the business for many years. He worked for companies like IBM and the Dalrada Finance Corp. It was in San Diego that he opted to start his own career in the restaurant business.

In San Diego, Brian decided to begin a new area of his life. Brian decided that it was time that he make his dream come true. Brian opted to open a restaurant and called it Bellamy’s. This is the first endeavor in the business world that he has taken on. He understands how to make money and therefore knows that in order to make a profit immediately out of the gate, he must establish a high cost per plate ratio. Not many people think about how high to make the price right out the gate however Brian knew, if I set the cost high, less people come in which allows for the feeling to maintain intimate yet the food is so good that people will continue paying the high cost which makes him profitable immediately.

When Brian was a small boy, he always dreamed of being rich and famous. He knew at some point in his life, he wanted to be a business owner. For him to do this, he knew he had to work his way up from the bottom. He went on in school to take on the technical portion of business and graduated from the James Watt Technical College with his bachelors and went on to earn his master’s at Stafford University.

Brian held on to his passion for work and this led him down the path to operating his very own restaurant. He knew that he wanted to at some point make people happy and what a better way than to do that than to own and operate his own restaurant. He wanted to make an impact on people and this allowed him to do so.

Bellamy’s has been a huge success and will continue to be a success with Brian Bonar at the fore front of the business. Everything that he touches is golden and this is sure to be just another one of his golden business endeavors.