An Overview of Dick DeVos and his Charity Works

Richard Marvin DeVos Jr. popularly known as Dick DeVos is an American businessman, philanthropist, and author from Michigan. Born on October 1955, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, he began working in his father’s company, Amway Corporation. He studied at Forest Hills public school system and Northwood University. He rose to become president of Amway in 1993, a position he held until 2002. During this period, he was solely responsible for all activities of the company in over 50 countries. His leadership saw him triple international sales by penetrating new markets.


Dick DeVos started a firm in 1989, the Windquest Group, which majored in the manufacture and distribution of closet organizers. He is the current administrator of The Windquest Group and the firm today has diversified interests in hospitality, manufacturing, technology, clean-tech industry, and nonprofit solutions. In 1991, his family acquired Orlando Pirates and DeVos was President and CEO of the NBA team for three years. In 2006, he decided to join competitive politics, and he vied in the elections for the Governor of Michigan on a Republican ticket. As an author, his books, ‘Believe!’ And ‘Ten Powerful Phrases for Positive People’ among others are available at Amazon for purchase.


Dick DeVos is married to Elizabeth DeVos, or just Betsy DeVos and they have seven children. Betsy was recently appointed as Secretary of Education by new President, Trump. Together, the couple started the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation through which they have donated millions to civic, educational, and religious projects since 1990.


DeVos is credited to have started the country’s first charter school offering aviation classes, West Michigan Aviation Academy, which is located at the Gerald Ford Airport. Furthermore, Dick DeVos founded the Education Freedom Fund which has awarded thousands of deserving Michigan children with scholarships. His passion for better education saw him serve on the Michigan state’s Board of Education. He has worked tirelessly to improve the health care system in Michigan with the construction of a Heart Hospital to the tune of $130 million and a $90 million Medical School. He has aided the revival of Grand Rapids’ downtown with the construction of a $30 million Market, a $212 million Convention Centre and a $75 million Downtown Arena. The couple’s foundation has also injected massive funding into arts. A good example is Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management which has received donations over $22.5 million geared towards supporting children with talents to exploit their full potential. Dick DeVos is genuinely a generous man who loves giving to charity.


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Adam Milstein: When Culture and Philanthropy Intertwine

Born and bred in Israel, Adam Milstein is a respected real estate professional, Israeli culture advocate and philanthropist. During his childhood years, Israel was still a developing Nation. Adam served in the Israeli Defense Forces and was part of the brigade that fought the Yom Kippur war. Afterwards, he enrolled at the Technion- Institute of technology and graduated with a B.S in Business and Economics. Adam Milstein formalized his marriage two years before graduation in 1974.

Together with his wife and two children, Adam moved to the US in 1981. He pursued further education at the University of South Carolina earning an MBA. Later Adam joined the Hager Pacific Properties as a sales agent. Here, he mastered his skills in the real estate sector. Adam has since advanced to become Managing Partner at the firm. While working at the company, he developed an interest in philanthropy after several conversations around the issue with his partner. Making significant incomes did not satisfy Adam, he wanted to do something that was impactful.

The Adam and Gila Family Milstein Family Foundation purpose to further knowledge on Israeli culture, mentor young professionals and students from the Jewish community and support other Israeli-American organizations and activities. So far, the foundation has provided several scholarships and exchange programs to help students connect with their Israeli roots. The Adam and Gila Foundation operates based on three principles; philanthropic synergy, livelihoods impacts and active philanthropy. To achieve the above, Adam oversees every activity and charity that they donate to ensure the foundation realizes its objectives. The foundation supports initiatives in the community plus helps reduce anti-Israel activity in campus groups by showcasing the rich Israeli culture.

Adam also serves as the Chairman of the Israeli-American Council, a nonprofit he formed. He uses his position at the non-profit to engage other Israeli-Americans in philanthropic work and urges the community to unify toward creating a collective identity even as they strive to succeed in America. The Israeli-American Council assists its members to learn more about their heritage and languages through various programs across the country. Adam Milstein’s primary objective is to strengthen relations between his countries of origin and the US. He volunteers on various boards including the Hasbara Fellowships, StandWithUs, the Jewish Founders Network and Stand By Me. For Adam, philanthropy is a necessity in society as it helps create better communities. In 2017, he ranked among the 200 Most Influential Do-gooders in the World.

Adam Milstein’s Outstanding Contributions To The Jewish Community

Adam Milstein is a renowned real estate investor. He has achieved much success in the competitive real estate industry through Hager Pacific Properties where he serves as the managing partner. The company has a remarkable portfolio of over $2 billion in assets. In addition, the corporation is managing and owning properties across the United States.

Adam Milstein moved to the U.S. with his family in 1981 after completing an obligatory service in the Israel Defense Force. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Israel’s Technion College. Subsequently, Milstein joined USC where he earned his MBA in 1983. Early in his career, Milstein served as a sales agent for Hager Pacific Properties, a private commercial real estate company. Through hard work and commitment, he rose through the ranks to hold his current position.

Adam and his wife founded Adam and Gila Milstein with the objective of supporting and mentoring Jewish students about their roots. Hundreds of students have learnt more about their culture besides gaining memorable educational experiences. The considerable resources and investment made by Adam and Gila facilitated the success of this objective. Owing to Milstein’s exceptional commitment to community service and charity, his name was included in the list of the 200 leading Philanthropists & Social Entrepreneurs.

Besides his powerful community service and philanthropic work, Adam Milstein has given back to the Jewish community through the Israel-American Council. The council seeks to promote the relationship between the U.S. and Israel. In addition, Milstein has been at the forefront of enhancing the role of authority in developing American foreign policy concerning Israel and Jewish relations.

Adam Milstein is never afraid of making speaking his mind. Over the years, he has been talking openly about the need to protect the Jewish people and stand for the browbeaten around the world. Adam sits on the boards of different non-profit organizations in the U.S. They include The Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel, the Jewish Founders Network, and Hasbara Fellowships. Notably, Milstein’s literature material has continued to be featured on notable publications. Moreover, he is passionate about the value of the Jewish people to learn to read and write in Hebrew. Adam Milstein believes that this strategy will help many Jews to connect with their culture and religion.


Leading inmates Service Provider-Rick Smith

He is described as an information technology expert who has held top positions in the Information Technology sector in various organizations. Richard Smith is the Chief executive Officer and the President of Securus Technologies. For more than 20 years; Rick has been serving in different capacities which include the finance sector, the Information technology sector as well as the operations departments. After his high school graduation; Rick Smith attended the State University of New York and the University of Rochester and graduated with Bachelor’s degree in Engineering as well as an MBA. Mr. Smith has a vast experience in management and operation that made him a perfect candidate to be appointed as the President and the Chief executive Officer of Securus Technologies in 2008.

Before his appointment at the correctional service provider; Rick held yet another top position as the Chief Executive Officer of Telecom Company. He led the organization to high heights because it is during his tenure that the group’s revenue rose eleven times to about $350 million and recorded a 48% expansion. Mr. Rick is known to be an instrumental leader who is and has always been determined to lead any group to new levels. At Securus Technologies; Smith is responsible for building relationships, as well as the expansion of the company. Rick Smith was in the forefront of leading Securus in the acquisition of JPay. During the acquisition process; Rick said that Securus has been placed among the fastest expanding inmates providing organizations in terms of emails, pay services and the latest one being the provision of inmates’ tablets. Securus Technologies acquiring JPay will enable them to offer best and quality services with the latest technology.

Securus Technologies has been among the organizations that are working hard by providing services as well as products to protect the community. Recently the organization has been coming up with new quality products and services that have been making more clients including individuals and correctional facilities come for more of their products and services. The company has been receiving numerous letters as well as emails from their thrilled customers expressing their joy and appreciation. Rick who the Chief Executive Officer of the firm mentioned that the group is a strong investment which is determined to make products as well as service developments at list once per week. Securus Technologie’s vision is to see correctional institutions, inmates, their families and the society at large safe. Richard Smith said that their primary aim is to see the organization building security measures in the community which is also part of their DNA. Ever since its foundation; secures Technologies has been distributing their as well as services to more than 3450 correctional facilities all across Northern America and to more than 120000 inmates.

Entrepreneurship: Where Innovation and Pursuit Come Together to Breed Success

I began working at the Amway corporation in 1974 where I held leadership positions in numerous departments. Amway was founded by Jay Van Andel and my father Richard DeVos Sr. in 1959.

The original product that was sold by Amway was a liquid bio-degradable and eco-friendly cleaner. Since then, the international corporation has generously expanded the product line to include beauty, health, and personal products as well.

Throughout my business career, I have made every effort to strive towards success by not allowing my present position to become a hindrance to my growth. After five years of achievements in the Amway multi-level marketing industry, I went on to develop my very own corporation called Windquest Group.

Windquest Group is an investment marketing firm housing a team of high-powered professionals, executives, and business leaders.

Following years of personal growth and sacrifice my father graciously appointed me to manage the Orlando Magic basketball franchise. After five years of management, the Orlando Magic Basketball team has won five division championships including a record of sixty victories from 1995-1996.

No matter how far I’ve come in my endeavors, I still found my way back home to the family business. In 1993 I returned to the Amway Corporation in preparation for the succession of my father.

In 2000 I oversaw the reconstruction of the company and created an umbrella firm by the name of Alticor which houses Amway, Quixtar, and the Windquest Business Group. Under Alticor, the company has expanded its operations to more than 50 countries and six continents.

I didn’t limit my career to business pursuits. In 2006 I decided to run as a Republican candidate for Governor in the state of Michigan. At that time, I was the wealthiest person ever to run for the governorship.

Traits seen throughout my life are generational leadership and innovative spirit. Hard work, faith, and innovation are the bridgeworks that built the road to my success.



Dick DeVos’ Illustrious Career

Richard DeVos, Jr. (also commonly called “Dick”) is a commercial and industrial professional who was born on October 21st, 1955 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His father is Richard DeVos, Sr., who was born roughly 29 years before him in 1926. DeVos, Sr. was one of the people who established the Amway Corporation. This is a prominent network sales firm that hires dealers to handle all of their distribution needs. The Amway Corporation specializes in sales of personal care, household and health items, for example.

The younger Dick DeVos started his career with Amway in the mid-seventies. He assumed roles in operational divisions for the company. He earned a vice president position after a decade there. His duties as vice president involved managing Amway’s business in 18 nations.

DeVos exited Amway at the end of the eighties. That’s when he began a totally new business called “The Windquest Group.” This company focused on storage supplies for closets. The Windquest Group both created and promoted these products.

The senior DeVos gave his son the chance to run a popular basketball franchise in 1991. This franchise was for the famed NBA (National Basketball Association) team the Orlando Magic. Although DeVos took this position, he didn’t end his work for The Windquest Group.

DeVos went back to his Amway roots in 1993. He then became the corporation’s new president. He was his father’s successor. Devos initiated structural changes for the company when the year 2000 rolled around. He supervised the process. This brought on the creation of an umbrella company by the name of “Alticor Corporation.” This brand new corporation was made up of Amway, the Access Business Group and the Quixtar Corporation. DeVos stopped working for Alticor two years later in 2002. He wanted to focus exclusively on the Windquest Group’s needs. He also wanted to focus more on political matters. DeVos began a political career in 2006. He was the Republican candidate in the race for the role of Michigan governor. DeVos’ wife is Elizabeth Prince, who used to serve as the Michigan Republican Party’s chairperson.

Philanthropy is a big part of DeVos’ life. He’s the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation’s president. This organization focuses on educational, artistic, civic and community matters.

DeVos and his wife share four children together. They are Ryan, Andrea, Elissa and Rick. Elizabeth’s father is Edgar Prince who is notable for creating and owning Holland, Michigan’s “The Prince Corporation.”