“Queens Of Drama” Brings The Stars Of Soap Opera Back To The TV

What happens to soap opera stars when their shows are canceled or they make an exit from the genre? This is the question that has haunted many fans of soap opera over the years when they have seen their favorite stars seemingly disappear from our screens; however, a new scripted reality TV show, “Queens Of Drama” is bringing many of the most famous soap opera stars of the past back to the TV. The thing to remember is that soap opera is a genre that brings entire family’s together on and off the screen to allow the community it builds up to include stars of many different ages and experience levels finding fame on iconic shows broadcast into our homes each and every day.

The “Queens Of Drama” is bringing faces back to the TV that may still be on our screens along with those who have been missing for a number of years. Former “Knot’s Landing” star Donna Mills leads the all female production company formed to produce a modern soap opera for the world to enjoy. Along with veteran actress Mills a number of younger stars are also found in the show, including Crystal Hunt who found fame in the soap operas “One Life To Live” and “Guiding Light”. Hunt and Mills both bring their own personalities to their roles on the reality shows, but also allow a little of their most famous onscreen persona’s to slip into the roles they play during “Queens Of Drama”.

There is much to be found in the life and career of Crystal Hunt, who has set out to become successful in a variety of different areas of the entertainment and business industries. Hunt may have found fame as the evil Stacy Morasco during her time acting on “One Life To Live”, but she has since flourished as an actress in different movies; appearing in “Magic Mike: XXL” as the character of Lauren has allowed the actress the chance to increase her popularity with people in all areas of the world. A further aspect of the career of Crystal Hunt has been in the role she undertook as the executive producer of “Talbot County”, a labor of love for Hunt after she helped bring the movie to the screen.  Crystal can be followed on Instagram, although Ms. Hunt has a full film history on Metacritic, complete with reviews of her features.

The many different stars who are looking to create a new soap opera include some of the best known faces in the history of the genre making a return to U.S. TV. One of the most famous faces who will once again grace the TV screens of viewers is legendary “Dynasty” star Joan Collins who has only made rare appearances on the big and small screen in recent years.