Vijay Eswaran: From a Taxi Driver to a Millionaire

A well-known leader in Asia, Vijay Eswaran, is a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, and motivational speaker. He is also the co-founder of the multi-million dollar firm QI Group and an author of several books. Eswaran is a recipient of many awards and honors including ASEAN Business CEO of the Year (2013) and Asia Heroes Philanthropy list. Coming from a humble background, he began working as a cab driver earning a modest income. He was introduced to multi-level marketing and was able to turn his financial situation around and, in the process, built a net worth of $550 million.

Having learned what it takes to be successful Vijay Eswaran shares tips on what it takes to achieve economic prosperity. Influenced by servant leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela, Vijay believes “service above self” is the most exceptional quality to be successful. Caring, clarity of vision, commitment to growth, strong core values and creating a will to sacrifice are the qualities a good servant leader should have.

Change is another quality Eswaran sees as a necessity to being successful in life. To see the progression and positive growth one must invoke change to their lives for without change nothing ever evolves. Vijay states that change starts from within and like a magnet spreads out in concentric circles influencing those around us. Change inevitably brings one closer to others who are experiencing the same thing while drawing us far from those not willing to change.

Another key to success that Eswaran views as crucial is fear. To him, fear is an excitement in disguise that our brain suppresses to protect ourselves from failing. Revealing something that one should work on, Vijay states that fear is a guide, showing us the way. Fear of the unknown is a great motivator for growth as a life of predictability and familiarity does not lead to progress.

In his book “Two Minutes from Abyss”, Eswaran explains why it is important to approach life with a sense of urgency and vitality for success in life and business. Intending it as a thinking tool, he shares some principles that have helped see him through challenges his life.