IDLife Founder Logan Stout Continues to Innovate Health and Fitness Worldwide

Logan Stout, who has been an athlete and World Series champion, an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and life coach founded IDLife in 2014 as part of his lifetime passion for helping people live better, healthier lives. As a top ranked MLM company, it has brought in big names including Troy Aikman and celebrity trainer Jen Widerstrom of “Biggest Loser” fame.

Now, it has made a deal with another major name in personal fitness, Garmin International Inc., a division of Garmin Ltd. The two companies have announced a strategic partnership where beginning June 1, 2017 IDLIfe customers can purchase Garmin vivi activity trackers and access the Garmin IndexTM Smart Scale via the website. The integration of the Garmin technology with the IDLife fitness lifestyle is a natural extension of both companies missions, which is to help people lead better, healthier lives.

IDLife offers their customers high-quality vitamins and customized nutritional products. With the IDLife Experience, people take the tools they learn on the program and make a few simple changes to their lifestyles in order to get healthy. By adding the Garmin fitness tools into the website, IDLife customers can now have another means of measuring their progress and seeing results.

Both companies also believe that health is about more than a single number. That is why the Garmin Index Smart Scale on the website is part of the partnership. It doesn’t just show a person’s weight. It uses WiFi to measure multiple metrics including BMI, body fat, water percentage and skeletal muscle mass. By weighing all those things appropriately, people can learn exactly what their weight and fitness goals should be, all from the convenience of their home computer.

In addition to IDLife, Logan Stout also is the founder and CEO of the Dallas Patriots, a baseball organization that focuses on coaching and aiding youth baseball players. Teams have ages ranging from six to sixteen and it provides those select teams with world-class instructors, coaches and mentoring. The organization has grown worldwide, and all of its graduates are given the opportunity to play college ball, and many become draft picks for MLB teams.