Marketing To Consumers With Gooee IoT

In the past, marketing initiatives have been built to come as close to the consumer in as real time as possible. Marketing winter snow tires on the radio to reach people in their cars around the time of the first snow fall or just before. Sending out promo flyers for thanksgiving hams two weeks before Christmas in the mail.

Then, click marketing and cookies begin to track consumers on the internet, keeping records of their shopping bags and advertising the item on the screens when they navigate away from the page, keeping tabs on what they buy and keeping their minds on it. Although an idea, maybe not the most effective or usable for the consumer.

Now making it’s way into stores are Gooee IoT smart lights, which may be so much better for consumers and advertisers alike. Smart lights are able to detect light at the same level as the human eye, being able to detect where humans are in the stores. The smart sockets can communicate with smart phones, smart watches, and other devices so advertisers can send customers coupons and rebates in real time, as they are looking at the product itself. This is bound to make shopping a breeze for many customers and can save them a lot of money. It is also good for advertisers as it will be more appealing to consumers to try new products in the moment and get quick feedback, providing them with easier and more efficient market research.

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