Ara Chackerian: Angel Investor

Ara Chackerian is an Angel investor. An angel investor is a person that uses their own capital to finance a business as opposed to using other people’s capital like a venture capitalist. He has also been a General Partner with ASC Capital Holdings since June of 2007. He has expertise and a passion for investing in startup healthcare companies that want to revolutionize the current healthcare system.

He is also a board member for several institutions such as the Hatlen Center for the Blind, Pipeline Healthcare, Juma Ventures, and Mint Medical Education. As the founder of BMC, one of the leading providers of medical imaging services, he also served as the Chief Executive Officer from 2001 to 2007. He is an Executive Chairman and co-founder of TMS Healthcare. Ara Chackerian graduated from Florida State University in 1991 from their college of business with a bachelors in marketing.

TMS Healthcare is an outpatient mental health facility that provides behavioral health care centered around transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and psychopharmacology. They have 6 different facilities and Ara Chackerian’s company strives to make the offices inviting and relaxing, a place of serenity for patients instead of a medical facility. With the great success the current locations in San Francisco and Sacramento, there are plans to expand to 25 offices throughout the next five years in Northern California. Check out his page.

The other part of Ara Chackerian’s company is TMS Health Education. They run the Advanced Hands-On TMS Symposium in San Francisco. The symposium brings in visitors globally. The organization and symposium focus on awareness and education for neuromodulation.

Also a philanthropist, Ara Chackerian is on the Board of Directors for Nor Luyce. Nor Luyce is a mentoring program that assists young women as they make the transition from orphan to adult. They have had great success with this program in Armenia, Ara Chackerian’s father’s home country. He is also the main source of funding for Nor Luyce and has been with the organization from the beginning. Ara Chackerian is also supporting efforts in the United States and Nicaragua as well as Armenia that support youth development and education.

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Madison Street Capital Offers Successful Investment Tips to Local Firms

With commitment to integrity, quality, leadership, and delivery of financial-related services, Madison Street Capital is a global-scale investment banking that offers impeccable services to private and public enterprises. At Madison Street Capital, the staff understands time value in the corporate and finance worlds. As such, they attend to their clients efficiently. The approach of the team players creates corporate finance transactions geared towards improving investors and entrepreneurs’ benefits. Madison Street Capital’s staff has the information, experience, and relationships to suit the demands of the buyers and sellers. Additionally, they match the exact financing and capitalization arrangement of every client request.

According to the business structure of Madison Street Capital, the method applied for shows high proficiency and understanding in commercial finance, mergers acquisitions, due diligence, market pricing, and financing. Besides, Madison Street Capital deals with asset assessment, contract structuring, design, and implementation of various exit strategies. In the past, Madison Street Capital has assisted customers in various industries to meet their objectives on time. With their extensive experience in corporate and finance services industries, Madison ranks as the world’s leader in providing financial consultative services, M&A, and valuation. Their offices in North America, Africa, and Asia have adopted a universal approach that offers equal importance to local enterprises, dealings, and networks.

Madison Street Capital provides the following services:

• Corporate Advisory
• Business Valuation
• Financial Reporting Valuation
• Financial Opinions
• Asset Management Industry Focus
• Wealth Preservation and Tax Planning.

With a proven history of high performance, Madison’s reputation as the fastest growing boutique investment banks is known across the world. The firm provides financial-related services to lower middle-class and middle-market enterprises across the universe. Over the years, Madison Street Capital has earned several awards such as Refinancing Deal of the year, Cross Border, Emerging Leaders Awards, and Under Forty Industry Mavericks Award.

At Madison Street Capital, team players believe in creating healthy businesses within the communities across the United States. With the commitment to meeting customers’ needs and philanthropic support to humanitarian organizations such as the United Way organization, Madison Street Capital works round the clock to make the world a better place. Located in Alexandria, Virginia, the United Way team utilizes its resources to champion for partnerships geared towards resolving problems in the communities.

Madison Street Capital focuses on identifying and addressing emergency issues in the community. Furthermore, the firm also brings positive impact in the society by partnering with schools, public agencies, enterprises, financial agencies, and voluntary and local associations. In 2008, Madison Street Capital initiated a 10-year project geared towards improving the education sector. The initiative would also help various communities achieve financial independence and help middle-class families improve their living standards. At Madison Street Capital, professionals have exceptional knowledge, experience, and deep relationships with the surrounding communities. Through its dedicated team of practitioners, Madison Street Capital ranks as the world’s leading debut middle-market asset banking companies.

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