Advice for Starting a Business Online

Starting a business takes hard work and perseverance. The outcome can be highly rewarding. Before taking the first step, you have a few things to consider beforehand. Like: your finances, a business plan, if you can turn your personal passion into a business, and who might you learn from to speed up your own learning curve. Such as Doe Deere, founder and creator of Lime Crime Cosmetics.


Choosing the Right Business

Many successful businesses were first a passionate hobby.


Step One: Identifying Whether Your Passion is Marketable

First you’ll have to check into market trends to make your that your passion will actually make a good business. One that’ll have sustainability and keep you busy, creative, and profitable for years. Learn more:


Step Two: Planning for Success

Next, you’ll want to lay out a business plan. Basically, planning out all the details of your business. Making sure you have all you need and in order for when you apply for financial assistance. Banks and other loan issuers are more likely to invest if your business plan is detailed & comprehensive. Learn more:


Step Three: Have the Right Mindset

Finally, before you ever put your plans into motion, you have to seriously ask yourself: Are you willing to spend months of work for little to no pay, even when the days seem incredibly long and the money gets tight? If not, then you may not be ready to start a business. If you are, then keep taking the steps and in no time you’ll be selling your services and goods to happy customers.


Who is Doe Deere?

Doe Deere is the CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. A company specializing in the brightest, most colorful makeup on the market. In 2008, Ms. Deere took her passion for bright hued colors to create her purely Internet based business. What started as a personal search for bright and unusual colors, which no one else offered, became a unique business that gained major popularity quickly in just a few years. She even got her company certified Vegan & Cruelty-Free by PETA & Leaping Bunny.


Cruelty-free (no animal testing) products such as nail polishes, eye shadows, lipsticks and more. Doe’s policy is to try everything the company makes themselves & listen to anyone and everyone. Customers, employees, even people who don’t like her. To quote her, ”there’s always something to learn if you’re willing to open your ears and your mind.” Anyone wishing to start their own business can learn much from Deere’s passion, business practices and out of the box ideas. Learn more:


Starting a business can be the most rewarding and profitable idea you can have. Making sure you have a good idea, a sound business plan, and the right mindset will make success much more likely. Learn more:


Doe Deere Offers Life-Changing Advice in an Interview

Life is about chasing your dreams and it is always wonderful when inspirational people can validate that fact. Doe Deere, for example, is a woman who did not intentionally chase the goal that she ended up achieving; She simply did it for herself. Commonly referred to as being the queen of unicorns, this woman is one of the most unique entrepreneurs there is. An interview conducted by Guest of a Guest with Miss Deere gave us plenty of insight as to how to be ourselves, no matter what it entails.

Born in Russia, Doe never claimed to be ambitious. However, she did always state that she had a big imagination. Her first business, in fact, was selling temporary tattoos at age 13. Of course, Doe did not intend to have that be her forever career, so she moved to New York City to pursue her dream of being a musician.

While chasing this dream, Doe met her husband who is also a musician. While music was her outlet, the unicorn queen also loved to express herself through makeup. In the interview, she described 2008 and the years before it as sort of being a dry spell within the makeup industry. She claimed that everything was natural, but she wanted bright colors that she could not find anywhere. As a result, she began making her own. That is where her fame really took off, and her makeup line Lime Crime came to be.

Deere described her shock as to how many women really were positively responsive to her makeup. The bold haired beauty describes her makeup as being whimsical, colorful, and cruelty-free. Currently residing in LA with her husband and making the products that the public cannot get enough of, Deere offered some deep advice for her fans in the interview.

“Follow your heart,” she said. She discussed how she believes that everybody has something unique and special about them, and how happy she is to teach young women the freedom to be themselves. “Go where you love,” declared the artist. Perhaps everyone should listen to Doe in order to obtain a more positive lifestyle.

In conclusion, Doe Deere is an inspiration. Her advice is so important for not only young women to take to heart, but for all people to take to heart. Freedom of expression is lacking in today’s world, and people like Miss Deere have and will continue to bring it back.

Doe Deere Wants You To Express Yourself

Before falling in line with popular fashion trends, consider the uniqueness of your own ideas and play with the clothing you have. Sometimes, the best outfits can be created from what seems like a silly expression. Unusual combinations can emerge from experimenting with your closet, and you can become a fashion expert like you have never imagined from seeing the value of being an individual.

Doe Deere is the creator of quickly rising cosmetic business, Lime Crime, and she is definitely a female entrepreneur with the power to stay relevant among the competition. In a world overran by trends, she has managed to stand out among the creatives. She likes to rock unnatural hair colors and compliments her intriguing style with bold and powerful make-up. Her personal experiences with designing faces have lead her to implementing her favorite looks among the Lime Crime products. Now, you can receive some direct advice from the fashionista herself.

  • Go Bold –
    Many designers say too much bold at one time can really overwhelm a look. Doe Deere begs to differ. When used correctly, bolds can intensify an outfit and add an extreme layer of depth that captures the attention of onlookers everywhere. Bolds can exaggerate on the details of a pattern or just enhance a washed out appearance.
  • Mix-and-Match
    Different patterns and colors can compliment each other surprisingly well in particular combinations.
  • Wear Socks
    Putting socks on with open-toed shoes is not off limits, and as a matter of fact, Doe Deere loves it. She thinks socks can make shoes feel more comfortable while also giving color to those hard to reach places. Plus, they keep you warm during the winter, so your favorite fashions can stay alive all year round. Slip on patterned or texture socks to really make an outfit zing. Leg warmers are also easy accessories.
  • Rock Neutrals
    There is more than one occasion to wear neutral tones like black, white, gray and beige. Pair neutrals with a bright item to have a contrasting splash of excitement. Although neutrals go great with bright hair, having bright hair does not require wearing neutral colors and neutral colors do not require having bright hair. The two can be combined to create dynamic outfits that provide areas of interest to the viewers eye.

Regardless of what anyone says, Doe Deere wants you to follow your heart in designing, so you can be the best you everyday. Although she has advice to offer, she does not want it to limit your fashion decisions in any way. Wear the quirkiest thing you can just to stand out, or follow the rules to blend in with the crowd. When you are reaching to the closet, change it up a little and add a special touch of your own personality.

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Doe Deere Breaks The Rules

Doe Deere the owner and creator of Lime Crime fashion makeup. She goes against all of the rules of fashion with her makeup brand and she works to make sure that she always expresses her individuality with the makeup. She encourages other people to do the same with her makeup Brandon with the influence that she has over the fashion world. Doe Deere likes to break the rules of fashion and she does so through her blog where she tells people the different rules that they should break because they are ridiculous, in her eyes. She does not think that occasion dressing is appropriate. She thinks that you should address however you like, despite any dress code that may be set. If you want to wear a certain outfit to an occasion, you should be able to do so without having to worry about what is going to be said about you. There are many rules that Doe Deere breaks, including ones that you what type of patterns you should wear. She believes that if you would like to wear flower print with madras checkers, you should be able to. If you want to look like your outfit matches with a lot of patterns in it, you should choose a common element, like a color, that isn’t all of the patterns you are wearing. This is only for people who want to look like they are matching with their patterns and is not a rule set in stone.

Age appropriate dressing is something that has always been seen in the fashion industry. You should be able to wear anything that you want. Your age should not affect the clothes that you wear as long as you are confident with the decisions that you have made for your wardrobe.

If you are looking for reasons to slide by fashion rules, you should be following the advice of Doe Deere. She is a fashion icon, an industry expert, and someone who knows what they’re doing when it comes to the rules of fashion. She knows the ones that should be kept and the ones that should be tossed because she is confident with her fashion choices for everyday dressing.

Prada Incorporates Deere Vibrant Colors for New Season

It resounded throughout the fashion industry when Prada, of all entities, decided to infuse this season’s fashions with some color combos very Doe Deere! This gives a nod to the unicorn princess that her ideas work even in high fashion’s royal court.

Just For Me – and Thee
Of course, those of us who discovered Doe Deere and her unicorn queendom years ago knew that, already! Today we can mi colors and most especially color patterns in ways that yesteryear fashionistas would have never nightmared. We all are catching up with the amazing concept of Doe Deere that we should dress for ourselves and present our personas as we see ourselves. No more do we dress the way a European or New York fashion industry crone dictates.

Colors Galore and More
Mixing patterns is not nearly enough. Color mixing with bright neon in our hair and on our eyes really uplifts our mood and vibes when we coordinate them to match or blend with our clothing. And don’t forget that Doe Deere insists on unicorn style vividly patterned colorful socks with your high heels and peek-aboo platforms.

Matronly, Schmatronly
Doe Deer does not usually mention age or size in her fashion blogs, but she has departed from that this season by insisting that neither one matters when putting together an ensemble to be envied by the masses. If people used to tell you that bright yellow favors your body and complexion, don’t drop it because you just turned 35. If it flattered you in youth, just think what it can do for you now that you have some maturity going for you.

By an Inch, a Cinch
By an inch a cinch, by a yard, ’tis hard. That idiom is excellent encouragement for the fellow unicorns who want to follow Doe Deere’s advice in costuming and makeup but believe they are “different” from the rest of us. Begin applying unicorn colors and style with accessories, hair, tights and jewelry, and you will easily move into the neon pink skirt and yellow striped topper.

Remember how long it took you to join the glitter eye makeup brigade?