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Goettl Tells All: Even Though You Live In NorCal, I Bet you Didn’t Know This Trick About Your HVAC System.

There are many things people can do to help increase the life span of their HVAC systems. These tips and tricks are sure to save anyone the hassle of having to deal with the torturous summer heat. First of all, the location of the AC unit in your home plays a key role in how effective it is at cooling down the house. Try to keep the system in the shade and even consider adding some tints to your windows. Another thing that can end up saving you tons of money, is considering keeping your AC unit at 78 degrees. An electric company will end up charging an 8 percent increase in energy use for every degree that you go below 78.

One company that you can go to if you experience problems with out HVAC systme is Goettl. Ken Goodrich is owner and operator of the newly renovated AC heating and cooling business. They specialize in the installing, servicing, and replacing of any type of AC unit. Not only can they make same day appointments, but they offer flexible hours and specific times. They don’t like to keep their customers waiting around for a specialist to come by. The company understands that people often have busy lives so they try their best to work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Since Ken Goodrich has taken control of the Goettl company, they have seen a huge amount of success not only in profits but with customer service. The company partners with neighboring communities by donating to charities they feel need help. They even donate AC units every now and again to people who are truly in need. They are definitely a company worth checking out.