The Importance Of Healthy Lip Balm

Bad lip balm can tear your lips apart. It can leave you with health conditions that don’t manifest for years, and by the time they do, it’s too late. Things like parabens and petrolatum are toxic to human beings, yet they’re sold in cosmetics stores internationally. It’s difficult to know what will be in any given lip balm, and that’s one important reason you should always check the ingredients before you buy. Additionally, you should look for lip balm options that include healthy ingredients.
One of the healthier options on the market today is abbreviated EOS. EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth. It’s the prerogative of this cosmetics agency to provide natural cosmetic solutions pertaining to beauty which don’t result in any freakish consequences down the line. To that end, they’ve designed a line of lip balms which have been engineered specifically to enhance the health of lips through natural compounds. Included natural ingredients in EOS’ new line of lip balms are Vitamin E, jojoba oil, and shea butter. The balms come in spherical applicators, though there are sticks and multipacks available.

Three main families comprise Evolution of Smooth‘ new line of balms. They are the Active Protection line, the Shimmer Smooth line, and the Visibly Soft line. Active Protection provides your lips with a flavorful, smooth, moistening protective layer that ensures dry climate or constitution will not affect the health of your lips. Meanwhile Shimmer Smooth leaves that almost-wet looking shimmer, while your lips retain a smooth feel. It’s a balm that says sensuality of the evening may commence. Then there’s Visibly Soft, which portrays your delicate, inviting nature without advertising too much.

These three balms come in multiple flavors, and are perfect for a variety of occasions. Additionally, they are made from healthy ingredients and do not include any toxic substances. EOS products are available online at Racked and local Walmart outlets nationwide. Visit the website: