Hippeas Is a Delicious New Snack

Hippeas chickpea snacks are starting to catch on with consumers. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that there is a demand for snacks that are healthy and do not contain very high amounts of sugar. People want a healthy snack alternative that is not loaded with sugar. People are also concerned about the amount of calories that are contained in the snacks that they eat.

Therefore, Hippeas chickpea snacks are very appealing to millennials because they are a source of food that is totally organic. This means that people who eat it will not need to worry about consuming large amounts of preservatives and chemicals like the ones that are contained within many other snack foods on the market. Millions of people also want to have a diet that is free of gluten. Hippeas chickpea snacks do not contain any gluten at all.

Another one of the key factors that has allowed Hippeas chickpea snacks to quickly gain a loyal following is the fact that they contain no animal products whatsoever. This allows people who are on a vegan diet to eat them on a regular basis. A single serving will have three grams of fiber. Protein can also be found in the chickpeas in the amount of four grams.

Livio Bisterzo (@liviobisterzo) is the man who is responsible for bringing Hippeas chickpea snacks to the marketplace. He is a successful entrepreneur who is involved in a wide variety of businesses. He is Italian and is the CEO of Green Park Holdings Inc. This is the company that is responsible for the manufacturing and distribution of the Hippeas chickpeas. He took over this position in early 2015 and has helped the company grow. He decided to get his higher education in England. He lived in London where he attended the University of the Arts.

Livio had many job offers once he completed his studies. He opened up an event planning business that became very profitable in a short amount of time. He then went on to create new businesses in many different industries. Kyoku for Men and Little Miracles are just two of the successful brands that Livio was intimately involved in creating. The restaurant industry has also been very good to Livio. He was the original owner of both Maddox Club and Pollen Street Social located in London. He is based in Los Angeles, California. He is married with three kids.