Rocketship Education, Welcoming Parents

Rocketship Education is a charter school that is dedicated to servicing elementary school aged children who live all around America. The first Rocketship Education school opened up in the early 2000s in the state of California. Since then, the school has opened several other locations and all of the schools have been thriving uncontrollably. The secret behind Rocketship Education’s success has to do with the way that they care for their students along with the way that they teach their students as well. At Rocketship Education, they are aware of what’s going on with their students at home and at school as well. Rocketship Education also educates their kids in more than one way. They use classroom approaches, online teachings, and many other catchy ways of learning as well. These blended learning techniques have helped the school gained lots of national attention. Because of this, they have been opening more and more schools.

Rocketship Education recently got approved to open 8 schools in one district. The approval came from a vote that was taken in 2013. As of now, Rocketship Education is now building a new school for students in DC to attend. Many people cannot wait for the school to open since they have heard so many great things about the school. Parents of students who plan to attend the school have already been actually involved with the school.

Even though the school is not finished being built, parents have already been looking for the right candidates for possible teachers. Rocketship Education allows their parents to interview potential teachers of the school. Parents have been carefully choosing possible hires based on several different factors. Some teachers have been offered a job based off the parents’ opinions, and some teachers have been refused an offer based on their opinions. At Rocketship Education, it is important to have teachers teaching the students who parents are comfortable with. Allowing parents to interview the teachers is another way of establishing a way of comfort for everyone. With all of these policies in place, it is no wonder how charter schools have became the best!