Southridge Capital LLC-A Solution to Your Financial Needs

The ability of Southridge Capital to deliver financial plans and executing them without fail has seen the company establish a broad base of clients. The company has been in operation since 1996 and has invested over $ 1.8 billion in different growing companies worldwide.




In the last two decades, Southridge Capital LLC has financed more than 250 companies. As a result, Southridge Capital LLC has more significant experience in understanding the complex issues, which face growing companies. The company has a vast pool of experienced team, which gears its operations. You can visit for more.





Some of the services provided by Southridge Capital LLC include:



Financial Analysis

  • Financial Analysis



Based on the different financial options available, Southridge Capital will create a detailed financial statement for your company. The output will be a well analyzed aimed at estimating the project cash needs, and also providing analysis to the assumptions made.



Aiding in Amalgamation

  • Aiding in Amalgamation



In case a company wishes to join operation with another purposely with aim of being competitive in the market, Southridge Capital LLC will analyze and find a merger candidate who fits on the existing company structure. Southridge will carefully evaluate potential targets and structure an excellent transaction. The company can achieve this quickly due to their diversified contracts.



Balance Sheet Optimization

  • Balance Sheet Optimization



For the company to make more profit, it has to minimize the cost of capital. Southridge Capital LLC will evaluate the funding cost and come up with an excellent structured plan. The plan will include the mechanism to arrive at useful results as well as a balance between debts and equity.



Restructuring Analysis

  • Restructuring Analysis



The company needs to restructure their operations occasionally to remain viable in the market. The company may need to change their management or even streaming the manufacturing processes. Southridge Capital LLC analyses and comes up with the best advice on the best action to take for optimum results. For more details visit Bloomberg.




The companies’ CEO Stephen M Hicks is the mine behind all the success. He has a slogan of doing fewer deals and focusing on cash instead of the returns. As a result, Southridge Capital LLC has achieved the significant milestone.





AvaTrade Review: Recent Achievements

AvaTrade was started in 2006. It started as AvaFX, mainly dealing with CFD and forex. The company is based in Dublin, Ireland. It specialises in offering services in exchange-traded funds, equities, Bitcoins, commodities, market indices and bonds. The company has tremendously expanded serving more than 200,000 accounts on a global scale. The broker is known to execute more than 2million transactions monthly. It surpasses a total value of $60 Billion.


AvaTrade is supported by a by a staff that is available on a 24/7 basis. Its client-oriented focus and financial backing have enabled it to provide the best products and service to its clients. The company has its offices in other countries including Nigeria, Paris, Shanghai, Sydney, South Africa, Milan, Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar and Tokyo. More than ever, the company is committed to providing training, teaching and educational materials to traders. The mission of the company is to inspire people to master their trading skills and expand their horizons.

Reputation and Regulation


It is imperative to choose a forex broker that is regulated by a reputable agency. This regulated status helps to ensure competence and trustworthiness. AvaTrade broker review is one of this well-regulated company, is regulated by several bodies across the globe. Regarding reliability and reputation, AvaTrade is one of the most reputable company. For instance, the company is regulated by the following companies

  • It is regulated by the central bank of Ireland in Europe
  • The ASIC in Australia licenses it
  • The FSA and the FFA license the broker in Japan.
  • The FSB in South Africa licenses the broker.


AvaTrade allows several trading platforms to suit every customer. These platforms include;

  • Meta Trader for web trading
  • Meta Trader for floating spreads
  • Meta Trader for Mac
  • Meta Trader 4 platform
  • Meta Trader for mobile trading
  • AvaTradeAct platform


The broker also provides some trading software that is automated to suit the needs of every person. They include;

  • MQL5 signal service
  • Zulu trade
  • API trading
  • Robox
  • Mirror trading


The company provides a welcome bonus of up to $14000 for traders who sign up to the platform for the first time. A trader is allowed to take $75-$400 for every referral that signs up and starts trading on AvaTrade. The company offers the best support service that is well informed.

Co-Founder of Stellar, Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb partnered with Joyce Kim in the creation of Stellar Development Foundation. Jed serves as the CTO of the young company. He also manages the technical development portion of Stellar. Jed, known for his programming skills, develops Stellar technically. He also responds to emails and manages other details that go along with running a successful business.

Stellar, a non-profit organization that deals in technological literacy, supports Stellar. The organization also provides an open source software. McCaleb focuses on improving the technology already available as well as developing new technologies to solve current issues.

Bitcoin was partially inspiration for developing Stellar, Jed believed that the technology behind the crypto currency site could resolve several issues. Jed decided that there was a need for developing technology that could connect financial institutions, for example. rather than developing currency, Stellar acts as an open source that creates a relationship between multiple financial institutions.

Stellar, which was created in 2014, has recently received an update. The network is much more user-friendly and easier to navigate. Network security of the company has also been updated with the new Stellar Consensus Protocol. McCaleb has developed the software for Stellar to make is easily accessible by all users.

Jed McCaleb has had a long career in networking and programming. Before developing Stellar, he developed eDonkey2000 along with Sam Yagan. eDonkey2000 was the first peer file sharing system to be developed. It is now one of the largest file-sharing systems available. Currently, along with being co-founder and developer of Stellar, he acts as an adviser to MIRI. MIRI focuses on research involving artificial intelligence. Jed had a large hand in developing cryptocurrency, M. Gox. Mt. Gox was the first Bitcoin exchange that ever occurred. McCaleb is focused on providing technology that is easy to use and secure for people to transfer currency.

The origins of Joel Friant and the Original Habanero Shaker

Joel Friant is no stranger to success. He has experienced several different types of business and uses his experience, plus a lot of studying, to help others attain success. Joel has had success both for himself and while working for others.

Joel began his entrepreneurial career by opening a restaurant in 1995. It was a fast food restaurant that served a menu consisting of Thai food options. This concept was the first seen in the United States.

While he was operating the restaurant, Joel began to develop the Original Habanero Shaker. He wanted to develop a product that was unlike any before it. Every habanero shaker that Joel had tried left him disappointed. They all contained additives like sugar and salt, the diminished the flavor and spice of a regular habanero.

Joel selected his favorite variety of habanero, the Scotch Bonnet, and used a special method to sun dry them and grind them into the optimally sized flakes. Joel then found a bottle design that could fit 1.5 ounces of habanero flakes, enough to last between 6 months and 2 years. He also picked a bottle that was designed to trap the freshness inside, making the Original Habanero Shaker the most flavorful and spicy shaker available on the market.

The Original Habanero Shaker soon made its way to grocery shelves and was sold by many giant grocery retailers in Washington.

Joel took a break for the Original Habanero Shaker to enter the real estate market, where he worked as a salesman, mortgage loan provider, and home remodeler. In 2008, Joel began to study success. He observed the tactics of successful people and compiled his data. He then began teaching others what he had discovered, including the Income Thermostat.

In 2012 Joel relaunched the Original Habanero Shaker, this time selling it online. He currently studies bitcoin and continues to teach others his methods for success.

More on Joel Friant:

Bringing Crypto-Currencies To The Foreign Exchange

We can guarantee that the currency market developed by crypto-technology will have its good and bad days. We’ve seen very little of how bad days for crypto-currencies can be, but the overall analysis on Wall Street is that this technology is here to stay. The 21 million coins in circulation for Bitcoin can be divisible in more than a billion ways.


Numerous Wall Street banks have already invested billions into the blockchain technology and what it can enable for modern society. The movement of culture, world economies and government expansion has to do with what money can enable us to do. The perfect example of integration is how bitcoin can be used by every nation on the planet.


The Digital Device Has Finally Made It

There was a time when skeptics could never imagine the crypto-currencies that we’re steadily using today. There’s no need to be a skeptic or work on speculation when regarding options like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The digital society lets us by-pass the modern broker and his high-listed fees. Separating ourselves from this past system is a boost.


We’re boosted in the information we receive and how much we can actually earn in the end. The investment markets operate with fees, taxes and fines as traders both win or lose money. These costs are substantially narrowed down when you can eliminate the broking fees. Little by little, they add up, and AvaTrade minimizes them in a substantial way.


It May Not Back Gold, But It’s Backing A United Economy

The advances in digital currencies are giving traders an option to invest in. This option is aimed toward uniting the world under one economic banner. The division factor of digital currencies enable them to go far beyond being leveraged by one nation alone. These new currency models have the capacity to lead the currencies of the world.


It’s best to see exactly where this new option on AvaTrade will fit in the world markets. Gold remains the universal currency of the planet and will be looked at to leverage a fair price for world currencies on the digital scale. This emerging economic market may not back gold in its developments, but it’s surely backing the idea of a united, world.

The Winning Strategies of The Oxford Club

The Oxford Club is a global network of investor and entrepreneurs. The club develops strategies of creating and maintaining wealth for its members. It also identifies investment opportunities that have the potential to bring big returns. The Oxford Club has been in business for over two decades. During that time, the club has managed to spread to over 130 countries, and grow its base to more than 157,000 members.

The steady growth of The Oxford Club can be attributed to its ability to craft investment plans that bring huge returns. The club has a team of talented and experienced financial experts who coil the strategies. Oxford Club’s investment plans cover a variety of markets. The markets include real estate, bonds, mutual funds, commodities, options, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

Oxford club is not a get-rich-quick scheme. That is why they insist on adopting techniques that can stand the test of time. The danger of specializing in one market is that an investor’s wealth can be wiped out completely if the market collapses. One of the primary strategies of The Oxford Club is diversification. They encourage their members to spread their investment over several markets. Spreading investment reduces the investor’s risk.

Investors lose because they lack an exit strategy when opening trades. Oxford Club acknowledges that lacking an exit strategy can wipe out massive gains in a very short time. Their investment plans always pay special attention to the rule of cutting losses and letting profits run. Besides having an exit strategy, Oxford Club encourages traders to minimize the cost of investment. Huge investment costs cut the trader’s profit margin. Unfortunately, reducing the cost of investment is not an easy endeavor. Oxford Club saves it members this pain by providing them with tips on how to minimize fees, taxes, and other expenses.

Finally, most of Oxford Club’s investment decisions are built around positions sizing. The size of the trading position is one of the most important considerations when growing a trading account. It determines the amount of profit or loss to be made. Oxford Club’s investment strategies cannot be separated from each other. They are combined into comprehensive plans that give investors the biggest possible returns while keeping the risks in check.