Lawrence Bender’s Movie ‘The innocent voices.’

Lawrence Bender was born on 17th of October in 1957 in Bronx, New York. He was born to two parents where his father was a college professor while his mother was a kindergarten teacher. Lawrence Bender did his high school education in Cherry Hill High School East. He graduated and joined the University of Maine. He graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering. After Lawrence Bender graduated, he started dancing. However, his dancing career was cut short because of an injury. Today Lawrence Bender is a celebrated movie producer in the industry of entertainment. He has over 20 years’ experience in the movie production industry.

Lawrence Bender has played a significant role in the filming and production of the movie ‘Innocent Voices’. The film is set in El Salvador. A young boy aged 11 years who goes by the name Chava is left by his dad at home. Coincidentally a civil war breaks out. It was dangerous at this time for the boy because when he turned 12, he was forcefully going to be recruited into the government army.

Innocent voice sets in when young Chava knows absolutely nothing about war. He only supports his uncle who is in the guerrilla just like he would support a football team. He is in great fear that the government would take him into the army. Young boys are forced to carry machine guns and fire them because it sounds fun. In the town where Chava and his family resides, it would be rare for a night to pass without the sound of gunshots and bullets raining through the windows.

The nights were always traumatic. Young boys couldn’t even go to school as it was a hub where the army frequently strolled looking for boys aged 12 years and above and force them into the military. The boys are then rounded up and forced into trucks and are separated from their friends and families. The movie begins as little Chava is forced to march in the jungle in the heavily pouring rain by the armed Salvadoran army. Mandoki promises to tackle the problem of children being turned into soldiers. However, the promise goes unfulfilled.

Alex Paul’s Artisric Emergence

Mathais Rosenzwaig recently interviewed Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, the DJ duo from the popular dance music band The Chainsmokers. In this interview, Alex Pall gave a brief history of the duo’s connection and their vision of the artists they are becoming.

Alex Pall loved electronic music as a young person. He worked as a DJ in his spare time to earn extra money. Soon he found that he was more passionate about dance music than he was about his full time job. The more gigs he performed, the more excited about music he became. Alex Taggart had the same passion for dance music as Alex Pall. Taggart had experience in producing music. His was also a DJ in Maine. Taggart was introduced to Pall when he came to New York. Pall and Taggart had an instant connection.

Soon this duo started working together 9am to 7pm daily. Fast forward four years later, Taggart and Pall form The Chainsmokers, who then top the pop music charts. Their instant connection has created widely popular music and desire for new identity as artists that connects with each listener of their music. Pall mentioned in their interview that his music is for all people who feel something good when listening to his tracks; regardless of: age, gender, background, or social status.

With their track “Closer”, Pall and Taggart step out of the dance music box. In today’s dance music scene, most DJ’s do not sing on their own tracks, but with the single “Closer” Andrew Taggart does his own vocals and tells his own personal experience with his ex-girlfriend. On future tracks, Pall wants to mix music genres such as hip-hop, indie, pop, and dance music to create a new identity for himself and Taggart as artists.

Halsey, and other artists have helped them create hit singles. As The Chainsmokers continue to create fresh, popular tracks, they want more control of their music. Pall explains that the music has become more than just a way to pay the bills, and but about growing as an artist, and creating relevant, quality, and melodic music.