Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto – The Two Great Minds Behind The Successful InnovaCare Health

Innovacare Healthcare Inc. is the leading provider of Medicare Advantage and Medicaid Programs in Puerto Rico. The plans that this company offers are designed in such a way that they meet the needs of the people. Sustainability and cost-effective plans are some of the things that this company is taking seriously at the moment. The mission of the company is to serve the people with the best services possible. The plans they have are also in line with the latest technologies. Over 200,000 people are covered by PMC and MMM Healthcare, which are programs offered by InnovaCare Health. The company has over 7500 providers to facilitate efficient service delivery. The company has also been collaborating with the government to facilitate some government-sponsored programs under the public partnership plans.




InnovaCare is a company that is striving to give its customers the best services they can ever find in the industry. The services they are offering are world class, and they will live happy about the services they get. The company is working hard to facilitate the best facilities in the country. The company is trying as much as possible to adapt to the changes that are taking place in the world. In fact, one of the advantages that this company have is having leaders who are quick to read pattern change in the industry and align the company’s goals in the future. Check out





The management of InnovaCare is one of the best in the country. Led by CEO Rick Shinto and CAO Penelope Kokkinides, this company enjoys the befit of having the best leaders. The leaders are innovative and try to come up with changes that matter the most to the customer. Under the leadership of these two great leaders, InnovaCare is confident about the delivery of these services.




The management of Penelope and Shinto is credited with the transformation of the company. Although it was created in 2003, it is only in 2013 that it started to make headways after Rick Shinto took over. Shinto and Penelope have experience that goes back two decades ago. They have strived to make this industry better through clinical operations and management of healthcare services.




The combined experience of InnovaCare leaders is enough to bring the best changes in the industry. They have each worked in the industry for the past two decades, and they have been to senior positions where they have gained sufficient experience to run the operations of Innovacare. You can follow their Twitter account.



Talos Energy Is One Of The First American Oil Companies To Drill In Mexican Waters In Almost 80 Years

Though it took almost 80 years, Mexico is once again letting private oil companies drill in Mexican waters.

As of May 2017 three of the largest oil companies in the world, Sierra Oil & Gas, Premier Oil Plc and Talos Energy LLC, launched the first offshore exploration well since 1938, which was when the country nationalized its oil industry.

Up until now the only company that was able to do any drilling in Mexican waters was Petroleos Mexicanos, a state run monopoly. Now, as part of an effort to reform the oil industry, foreign competitors have been allowed back into the Mexican energy markets.

According to a statement released by London based Premier Oil Plc, there is anywhere between 100 million to 500 million barrels of crude oil currently available in the Zama-1 well and learn more about Talos Energy.

The Zama-1 well is located in the Sureste Basin. And due to its geological structure, many industry experts believe this project will be a huge success.

Drilling in the Zama-1 well began in May and was expected to take a maximum of 90 days to complete and read full article.


About Talos Energy

Talos Energy is a Houston based, independent oil and gas company that specializes in offshore exploration and production. When it comes to acquiring operated shelf and developed deepwater assets, Talos Energy is in a class of its own and Talos Energy’s lacrosse camp.

The company is led by a group of individuals who have a proven track record of success. Together they built and sold two very successful oil and gas companies located in the Gulf of Mexico.

Because of this solid foundation, when Talos Energy was launched in 2012, it quickly grew into a world class company and a leader in the oil and gas industry and Talos Energy on Facebook.

Now, because of its use of modern seismic technology, Talos Energy is positioned to be one of the fastest growing companies the world has every seen.

More visit:!partners/exploration-and-production/talos-energy-llc

Eric Lefkofsky is on a Mission to Bring Cancer under Control by Data-Enabled Precision Medicine

Eric Lefkofsky, the CEO and co-founder of Tempus, is on a mission to bring efficient cancer treatment solutions through data-enabled precision medicine system. It should be noted that almost 40 percent of American adults are experiencing cancer diagnosis during their life time. Also a significant increase in the number of patients expected from the current 14.5 million to 19 million by 2024. However, Lefkofsky and his Tempus ensure that future would not be as bad as the numbers considering his efforts for data-enabled precision medicine. Previously, his personal experience shocked him that there was no data collection and streamlined analysis on cancer treatments and its response information with respect to molecular data of the patients. Lefkofsky learned that if he could ensure data collection based on digital technology that would save millions of cancer patients. That is where Tempus was born and read full article.


The firm is on a mission to change the way cancer care is provided. It has developed a platform that analyzes patients’ molecular and clinical data. It faced few initial hurdles including expensive analytical software and inefficient information storage system considering most physicians go for progress notes. To overcome this, Lefkofsky led Tempus to develop a software with optical character recognition and natural language processing options. In the end, the text fields with pertinent notes transform to structured data for using it in advanced cancer treatment. While coming to molecular data, it is captured through human genome sequencing. With the data captured by Tempus, the physicians can refer the historical cancer treatments, its effectiveness with respect to molecular data, and go for more accurate and effective treatment methods and learn more about Eric.


Eric Lefkofsky is also the Chairman and co-founder of Groupon and co-founder of a number of firms including Mediaocean, InnerWorkings, Echo Global Logistics, Lightbank, and Uptake. He is also known for various philanthropic initiatives and founded Lefkofsky Foundation to support educational, scientific, and charitable organizations around the world.


Lefkofsky completed his graduation from the University of Michigan and secured his J.D. from the Law School of the same university. He is serving on the boards of Children’s Memorial Hospital located in Chicago and the Chicago Art Institute.

Capital Group Thriving During a Shaky Economic Time

Timothy Armour was appointed chairman of Capital Group Companies in 2015. He is also chief executive officer of Capital Research and Management Company, which is part of Capital Group and Capital Group Companies Management Committee. Tim Armour has gained more than 32 years of investment experience at Capital Group. Timothy Armour spent the early part of his career as an equity investment analyst covering global communications and American service companies. He began his time with Capital Group as a member of The Associates Program.


As chairman of Capital Group, Tim Armour started a partnership with Samsung which aimed to create investment strategies for Korean investors. The agreement would co-create retirement solutions and strengthen Samsung Asset Management. This deal will provide Samsung with knowledge in business management and customer management. Samsung executives said the deal will allow the company to grow its equity investment capability and his Linkedin.


Tim currently lives in Los Angeles, California. He serves on the board of several funds including the AMCAP Fund, SMALLCAP World Fund, Capital World Growth and Income Fund and The New Economy Fund. Timothy Armour is warning that global markets are nearing rising interest rates and higher inflation. He believes we have seen the bottom of the declining interest rates and will begin to see them increase again. He disagrees with many fund managers who say that Trump’s election will stop the sluggish economic growth and learn more about Tim.


Tim Armour has warned that more turbulence is coming soon. Armour has pointed out a shift in the stock market, with industries such as banks soaring and sectors such as utilities and real estate failing. Tim Armour has been featured in a handful of magazines including the Financial Times and Bloomberg and has appeared multiple times on MSNBC and CNBC, where he discussed smart investing and encourage people to invest and trust fund managers who invest a large portion of their own money and Tim’s lacrosse camp.


He continues to advise many people on investing and staying invested. He managed to survive a sudden single-day drop in the stock market, while many panicked and lost a lot of money. Armour continues to steer his company forward and looks to the future and more information click here.


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Eric Lefkofsky’s Newest Creation

Eric Lefkofky has created Tempus, co-founded Groupon, and now has a new creation that could help many of those in the health field, as well as the patients that they serve. The idea behind this health care technology system is that practitioners can share what they learn from observing certain treatments with individuals who have unique circumstances. These circumstances include their genetic makeup, health characteristics (such as age, blood type, etc.) or health conditions (such as blood sugar conditions or food sensitivities). The range of health conditions and characteristics is huge, and many physicians only know the impact of treatments on these conditions when they have dealt with a patient in the past who has had them. Of course, even though patients may share health conditions, their genetics and life experiences may be different, leaving a physician without the needed information in order to make the best treatment plan. However, if physicians all over the world could communicate their successes via an online platform, as well as share what traits their patients had, innovative discoveries could be made, allowing patients to receive the care that fits them best and more information click here.

Although Eric Lefkofsky has strongly helped the health care industry with his company Tempus, as well as has the potential to help many with this new health care technology system, Eric Lefkofsky is known for more than his wisdom and performance in the technological world. Importantly, it is great to know what Eric Lefkofsky has done with his prior successes. Both Eric Lefkofky and his wife give back through the Lefkofksy Family Foundation, which they founded back in 2006. Also a adjunct professor at the University of Chicago, as well as an author, Eric Lefkofsky has found a way to share his knowledge outside of the world of technology. Knowing that communication is just as important as the creations you make, Lefkofsky keeps us excited for what he chooses to pursue next and Eric’s lacrosse camp.


Capital Group Success Attributed To Its Leaders And Staff’s Commitment

Timothy D. Armour is indeed a veteran at Capital Group, with thirty three years. Immediately after his graduation from Middlebury College, with a bachelor’s degree in Economics, he joined Capital Group as a participant for the Associates Program. As a participant, he continued learning and showing dedication to the company and the clients that he served. He was therefore promoted to equity investment analyst.

Here, he was bestowed the role of giving counsel to clients and working with his team to get the clients solutions for their needs, and also covered telecommunications and also served other service companies. Timothy Armour’s commitment to the company was once again recognized and he was appointed as the company’s vice president.

A few months before the tragic death of the then company’s chairman, Jim Rothenberg, the board had a plan to appoint Timothy Armour as the chief executive officer and Chairman to replace Jim. However, when the tragedy hit the company, the board elected Tim Armour as their CEO. He is also the principal executive officer at Capital Research and Management Company Inc, which is part of the company. He is also the chairman of the company’s board management committee.

Timothy Armour and his staff have done a great job with the company. He has led the company into various strategic partnerships which puts the company at an advantage. Recently, Capital Group announce their strategic alliance with a Korea based Samsung Asset Management Company. Capital Group will work with Samsung Asset Management Company and provide them with management information. This partnership opens opportunities for Capital Group to expand its operations in Korea.

Timothy Armour has more than 33 years of experience in investment banking. From his understanding and from an expertise point of view, Tim encourages his clients to invest wisely and spend time learning their companies and the industries they play in. reason being, the economy of the country is slow and its growth stagnant. In a few years, he projects that the Federal Reserve will have to increase the interests’ rates in order to sustain the economy of the country.

According to Yang, a successful reporter, Timothy Armour was the best choice for CEO. She has faith that he will lead the company into success and greater achievements. Timothy Armour’s expertise commitment and devotion to Capital Group and his clients is admirable and honorable. He continues to show and share his skills and expertise with his staff.

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