Nestle Purina to Make Changes To Beneful

Beneful, The popular dog food made by Nestle PurinaStore PetCare. has recently found itself under the scrutiny of dog lovers and pet food critics for its use of certain ingredients.

Critics have objected to the use of propylene glycol. Although most of this is due to confusion with ethylene glycol, a substance that is poisonous to dogs. The company has also been criticized for the use of unnecessary dyes, and mycotoxins. Because of these issues,there was a 2015 class action suit against Nestle Purina. This case is still pending, although nearly one-third of the plaintiffs have withdrawn. The Company claims the allegations are unfounded, and the defense has failed to produce sufficient evidence. They also say they do not intend to settle.
They have however developed new formulas for the Beneful brand. According to the company, these changes have been under development for two years prior to the lawsuit. Therefore, they are unrelated to it.
Seven flavors of Beneful will now have meat as the primary ingredient. Real Salmon will follow in 2017 when a source is found for the Salmon. They have also stopped including added sugar as an ingredient and reduced the amount of dyes that are used. In place of  propylene glycol, they are using glycerin to create a chewy texture. More information about these and other changes can be found here.
Nestle Purina says these changes are the result of the company responding to feedback from their Wal-Mart customers, and they may consider making future changes to their canned food line.
Nestle Purina seems to be responding positively to the wants of their customers base. This should prove to be a positive action for both the company and the consumer. Follow Beneful!