How Eric Lefkofsky is Approaching Healthcare Data with ‘Tempus’

The team at the new tech start up Tempus are focused on life changing innovations within the medical research field. Tempus was co founded by Eric Lefkofsky who is most well known for his work on his other company, Groupon. Lefkofsky was drawn to creating Tempus after his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. During her trying times, and many visits to the hospital, Lefkofsky saw how impossibly complicated sending and receiving data records was. Patient data is the lifeblood of innovation for medicine and when doctors can’t access that data, people suffer.

The core concept surrounding Tempus is to take existing digital medical records, or EMRs, and push them through a data aggregate database. There the information will be verified, sourced, and sent into another pool that can be used by doctors, patients, and other medical professionals around the world. The need for access to this data cannot be understated and Lefkofsky used his own experiences to inform Lefkofsky work at Tempus.

Lefkofsky spoke at at the Fortune Brainstorm Health conference, located in San Diego this past May, in order to highlight the importance of his work with Tempus. Lefkofsky pointed to data as the primary focus of his speech, “You need therapeutic and outcome response data.” Medical research is incredibly tough to parse and that is why a surplus of information and accessibility is a primary concern. Look at a drug like Herceptin and consider that it is effective in X amount of patients. Why does it not work for the other patients? Aggregated data can help answer these tough questions.

Eric Lefkofsky has a long history of successful work in the tech industry. He co-founded Tempus and worked hard to bring Groupon to life. Leftkofsky also has a fascinating history of work within Chicago. Lefkofsky is a Chairman for the prestigious Steppenwolf Theatre Company as well as an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago. Lefkofsky also makes sure to give back through his charitable group, the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. Lefkofsky’s foundation services communities with initiatives that aim to enhance their lives and improve the area that they live in.

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