Mike Baur Contributes Tremendously To The Growth Of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a space that allows those with creative ideas to explore their capabilities. Many entrepreneurs rely on the support they get from other successful entrepreneurs to set up their businesses and run them towards profitability. However, there are those who cannot find people to mentor them despite having great ideas that can be built to offer profitable businesses. This is the category of individuals Mike Baur offers to work with to ensure they also manage to achieve their dreams of running successful businesses.


Mike Baur is a successful entrepreneur who is motivated to work with upcoming entrepreneurs by offering them an avenue through which they can implement their ideas. He founded the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014 and the company has been working to offer young entrepreneurs a chance to nurture their ideas. There is an incubation facility that embraces the most talented startups for a three months incubation session, after which the businesses are able to stand on their feet to face the market and to experience real growth.


Digital transformations

One of the things the Swiss Startup Factory holds dear is the value of digital transformations. They offer startups a chance to transform their ideas to fit within the digital infrastructure and to offer value to users. With a team of analysts and experts in matters technology for business, the Swiss Startup Factory provides the needed digital transformations that allow users to enjoy profitability across the market.


Planning for the future

Often when startups are launched, they don’t have a vast plan that caters for the future and changes that might occur along the way. In such a setup, it would be difficult to compete with already established businesses, so there is need to have a plan that spells every step out. The role of planning and execution is to help the business to come up with ideas that can facilitate smooth transition and an easy movement from a small business to an established venture.


About Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a former banker who has benefitted from running an idea that seeks to offer support to young entrepreneurs. He quit his position as a banker in 2014 and went straight into entrepreneurship, where he launched the Swiss Startup Factory. Before he went to banking, he pursued Finance and Banking. He later went for an MBA at Rochester University then later finalized with an Executive MBA from the Bern University.

Josh Verne’s Take on Succeeding in Business and Life

Main Points



It’s Better to be a Leader than a Boss



In management, there are two kinds of people: a leader and a boss. Bosses use their position to meet their personal goals and are more interested in what serves their best interest. Furthermore, bosses do not command respect they demand respect. On the other hand, leaders command respect by putting their people before themselves. Leaders use the respect they have earned to meet the goals that they have set together with their team. If you put the interests of others first and act by example, you and your followers will be able to accomplish anything you want.



Aim for Win-Win Situations



Do not settle for a plan that has a win-lose outcome. Strive for a win-win outcome. Aim to achieve a win for all stakeholders- you, your clients, your employees, and your society. The moment you refrain from accepting win-lose situations, you will find the best solution every time you are dealing with a surprising issue or new client. This mentality will boost your business, team, and reputation to great heights.



Listen More than You Speak



The reason you have one mouth and two years is for you to apply them in that specific proportion. When you speak less, your words have more power and your appearance is more authoritative, and your audience is more eager to listen to you.



Maintain Balance in Your Life



Life is all about balance. No money in the world can buy you health or a loving family. Conversely, a loving family and good health cannot compensate for money. To maintain balance in life you must spend the same amount of time at work, at home with your family, and on your health. Ensure you advance all areas of your life and improve equal bits of your wealth, health, personal growth, and relationships.



Find Your Passion



The key to success is to find your passion. Although there are many passionate people who are not successful, very few people succeed without passion. Determine what ignites a fire in you and gives you a reason to rise up every morning. Look for something that makes you sacrifice the exciting things in life. Without a passion, your life will be full of monotony and boring drudgery.



About Josh Verne



After graduating from high school in 1995, Mr. Josh Verne was incorporated into his family’s furniture distribution business. Mr. Verne worked his way up the ranks and initiated various strategic moves that established Workpays as a leader in furniture distribution.