Victoria Doramus: From Media Professional To Addiction Advocate

Victoria Doramus was one of the leading media professionals in the country. She worked for some of the biggest names, contributed greatly to major companies, and she created a lot of her own unique content. Then, she was stricken by addiction and struggled with it for many years. Now, instead of organizing and contributing to the media outlets of different companies and analyzing marketing trends, she’s using her experience with addiction to help others.

Victoria started off her career knowing that she wanted to be in the communication field. She attended college for it at the University of Colorado and eventually began work as an assistant media planner for Mindshare. At Mindshare, Victoria Doramus communicated with vendors and clients to help build the brand.

She had a stint at Stila Cosmetics where she worked with the art director to further their campaigns. However, she then moved to Creative Agency where she worked for three years by managing the company’s scheduling, attending press conferences and tradeshows, and creating editorial content to further their brand.

From there, she’d go to work at Trendera. Trendera utilized her experience to supervise all of their contract worker, further their brand by creating unique editorial content for their webpage, and a number of other tasks. Besides this, she also maintained her own consistent columns in several e-magazines and news outlets as a content writer.

During this time, Victoria attended extravagant parties, networked with some of the biggest names in the industry, and even assisted director Peter Berg on a few of his film projects. However, life was not all well for Victoria. She began struggling with addiction.

Victoria was addicted to cocaine, prescription medicines, and alcohol. In 2011, she entered rehab for the first time. She still had a fruitful career, but rehab didn’t help her addiction. She returned to rehab several other times without success until 2017.

In 2017, Victoria Doramus found Burning Tree. Burning Tree was a different form of rehab center that used tough love to bring about change in their clients. Victoria had, had enough of her addiction. She entered Burning Tree.

Burning Tree rehabilitation was a success for Victoria. She still attends AA meetings and struggles daily to maintain sobriety, but she does in fact stay sober. Due to her experience, she has taken to helping others. She’s a major contributor to The Amy Winehouse Foundation, and she helps several other foundations. She is dedicated to helping others who struggle with addiction.

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Jeff Aronin Shares Why He Developed A Passion For Finding Treatments For Rare Diseases

For over twenty years Jeff Aronin has been one of America’s top entrepreneurs in the biotechnology sector. Since 2010 he has been the chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Paragon Biosciences, a company he founded to develop treatments for rare and orphaned diseases. His company invests in firms designed to treat diseases for which no one has developed a cure or for which the treatments are limited. Paragon Biosciences also incubates these firms and provides them with the resources they need to achieve success.

When he was younger Jeff Aronin had the opportunity to shadow a doctor. This doctor had a child as a patient who was experiencing constant seizures. The doctor decided to treat this patient with a medicine rather than having him undergo major brain surgery. Jeff Aronin says that he learned from this experience that pharmaceuticals can be very powerful and beneficial for people. He developed a passion for healthcare from this experience and wanted to develop new drugs for people who have diseases that have been neglected simply because not that many people have it.

The first company that Jeff Aronin founded in the healthcare industry was Ovation Pharmaceuticals, Inc. He founded this firm in 2000 and was its CEO. It was at this firm that he developed his overall strategy for developing drugs which is to identify diseases lacking treatment options, establish a company to develop drugs to treat that disease, and to provide it with all necessary resources and leadership. He sold this company in 2009 for $900 million.

Jeff Aronin serves as the chairman of the board for the companies he creates through Paragon Biosciences. This includes Harmony Biosciences and Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals. In this role, he provides guidance to the executive team and access to his years of experience in the industry. This leadership has led to 13 new drugs approvals by the FDA, a record that is only matched by the largest pharmaceutical companies. He also founded MATTER in Chicago, Illinois, which is incubating over 200 new companies all devoted to creating innovative new treatments.


Paul Mampilly’s Journey up the Investment Ladder

Hard work and hope are among the main aspects that are necessary for any person’s success in life. This has been demonstrated by Paul Mampilly, who is the current senior editor at the Banyan Hill Publishing. Paul’s career journey has been full of challenges, but he has proved that with the two principles guiding you, you have no reason to fail. Mampilly is among the most experienced investment and financial experts at the Banyan, and in the whole of America at large. The beauty about Paul Mampillly is that he is never parsimonious with his knowledge. He has made all the possible efforts to ensure that anyone who requires his financial acumen has access to it.

Paul Mampilly joined Banyan after working for a very long period at the Wall Street where he had been employed by different companies which were competing for his expertise. Among the companies that Paul had worked for were; the Kinetics Asset Management, ING, Deutsche Bank, and the Bankers Trust Company. In all the financial institutions, Paul Mampilly was given different roles, all of which he performed with diligence. At the Kinetics Asset Management, the last company in which he worked, Mampilly was responsible for managing a hedge fund that had been poorly performing for many years. This was not a big deal for Paul because he had learned extensively about the management of distressed assets during his master program at the Fordham Gabelli School of Business.

His guidance saw the hedge portfolio of Kinetics shoot upwards to $25 billion, from a meager $10 billion. Also, the fund yielded a very impressive investment return for the investors of the firm. At ING, on the other hand, Paul Mampilly operated as the company’s senior research analyst. This was a position that made Paul responsible for portfolios of investments worth billions of dollars. He was able to learn how to become accountable and responsible for other people’s investments and make them fruitful. This position came just after he had transferred from Deutsche Bank, a renowned finance and investment company in the US. Here, Mampilly was the assistant to the research analyst, and so the position was equally informative.

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Sheldon Lavin and his successful ventures

Managing vast business empire requires patience and the necessary skills to achieve success. Having proper educational background is also a boost to ensure an entrepreneur has the skills required to run a business. Sheldon Lavin who is the current CEO of OSI Group has demonstrated proper leadership skills to enable him to run a chain of companies. OSI Group which is a meat processing company is located in Illinois, United States. The organization which supplies meat to various companies began in 1909 and was called Otto and Sons. Today, the company has expanded to 17 countries and now has over 20,000 employees across those countries and more

The growth has seen the company open processing plants in different parts of the United States like Riverside, Geneva, West Jordan, Utah and Fort Atkinson among others. Sheldon Lavin has served in the meat industry for many years and has the experience needed in the industry. He partnered with Otto and Sons in 1970 when helped the company financially. Later in the 1980s, he took full control of the company and now has full ownership of the company.

That is when he decided to transform the company into a global one and expanded, and plans are still underway to continue expanding it. Today, the company distributes meat to hotels and restaurants to parts such as China and Australia. Some of the biggest companies it supplies meat include Papa John’s Pizza, Starbucks and Pizza Hut. OSI group supplies products like pork, poultry, meat patties and bacon among other meat products.

Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group has been recognized worldwide and received several accolades. Lavin has also received various awards for being outstanding in doing business. He was recently given the Global Visionary Award which meant he was someone who achieved his visions. The company has also been awarded awards like the environment management award, health and safety risks by the British Safety Council.

Sheldon Lavin is also known for taking part in charitable activities. He has worked with various charitable organizations which he has funded to enable them to continue doing the excellent work. With his proper managerial skills, he will continue expanding OSI Group.

Lori Senecal: An Empowered Woman

At an early age, Lori Senecal learned the value of hard work. She considers coaching gymnastics during her high school and college days made her the woman she is today. As a coach of a team sport, her job was to guide the team, train them to be the best they can be and teach them the value of teamwork.


Lori Senecal’s humble beginnings taught her to be a leader. She is very focused and determined in fulfilling the tasks handed to her. Senecal’s educational background as Marketing, Finance and Commerce degree holder from McGill University was the turning point in becoming a successful entrepreneur. McCann-Erickson Worldwide Inc. was the first company that saw her potential. Her exemplary accounting skills did not go unnoticed, she got promoted to sales and marketing department division in no time. Lori Senecal also acted as a President of McCann-Erickson’s New York location. According to, she also worked for a well-known company, KBS. Later, she managed ad campaigns for companies like Boar’s Head and Vanguard, American Express, BMW, HomeGoods, and Victoria Secret Pink, among others.


Lori Senecal’s experience with various companies taught her the drill. She believes that an effective ad campaign takes research and strategy. Never dive into something without knowing the internal and external process. Senecal earned accolades for her impeccable contribution to the world of advertising and marketing. She received a Quantum Leap award given by AWNY Game Changer and a “Woman to Watch,” while working at KBS.


In her Media Post interview, Lori Senecal said that as technology evolves, she is excited to discover new techniques in advertising and marketing. She can foresee the future of internet marketing, and she is always ready to go for the ride. Digital marketing is the future of advertising. Senecal considers Steve Jobs as one of her greatest influence in becoming a successful leader. Lori Senecal is a great example of a woman who can take the lead—even with a stiff competition. For more info, check out Lori Seneca’s Linked In page.

Whitney Wolfe Is One Of The Companies To Break Up With Facebook

It seems like it was just yesterday when Facebook was one of the big corporations. Many companies required people to be linked with Facebook before they can join them. However, all that was needed was a few turn of events before Facebook started losing companies. Whitney Wolfe herself has decided that she is going to cut ties with Facebook and enable people to create an account in a different way. There are many reasons that some companies are starting to reduce their connection with Facebook. Whitney Wolfe herself wants to make sure that she is not only allowing others to sign up without Facebook, but is enabling the people who are already signed up to feel safe.

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One of the reasons that Whitney Wolfe is giving people alternatives to Facebook is because of the issue with privacy and personal information according to One thing that people have a desire for is the safety of their personal information. Given that there has been plenty of cases of identity theft and other problems that resulted from personal information falling into the wrong hands, CEO Whitney Wolfe has decided that she wants to find ways to protect the information of people so that they will be able to use their accounts without any concerns.

Whitney Wolfe is also aware that there are some people who would rather not use a third party when it comes to signing up. Seeing that the number of people are growing because of what they hear about Facebook and some other big brands in social media, Whitney has decided that people might be going back to the old way of registering so that they do not have to deal with the dangers of having their information saved across multiple platforms. In the end, Whitney thinks about the best interests of her users.

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Heather Russell to Lead the TransUnion Legal Team

On June 4, 2018, an executive leadership change will occur at TransUnion as Heather Russell becomes TransUnion’s new executive vice president and chief legal officer. She will be relieving John Blenke, who will be retiring after a long career this year. This will be a big change for TransUnion, as John Blenke had held this position since 2003 and although John Blenke will be missed, CEO Jim Peck is excited about the talent and experience Heather Russell will bring to the TransUnion executive team.


Heather Russell’s twenty years of experience includes a thorough knowledge of complex financial regulatory and compliance requirements, having spent time as executive legal counsel at Fifth Third Bank, Bank of New York, and Bank of America. Heather Russell’s resume also includes overseeing the development of financial policy and regulatory counsel at the law firms of Buckley Sandler LLP and Skadden Arps. Heather Russell has also had a superb education, receiving her BA from the College of William and Mary and her JD from American University’s Washington College.


The duties Heather Russell will take, in addition to the responsibility for TransUnion’s legal team, will include all government relations, as well as corporate governance and compliance. She will be responsible for minimizing TransUnion’s legal risks and will be responsible for advising the CEO Jim Peck and the remaining board of all regulatory issues. She will be reporting directly to TransUnion’s president and CEO Jim Peck. While John Blenke’s presence at TransUnion will be missed, it is assured that Heather Russell will be able to fill the position admirably.

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Hussain Sajwani interviewed by Arabian Business

Hussain Sajwani is a renowned contributor to the boom of the real estate industry in Dubai. He has been very instrumental in the success of most of the real estate projects in the country. In the given film TV interview after the World Economic Forum, the DAMAC owner gave a recount of how his success and current zeal in commerce has been built up since he was young.


He begins by explaining how his father assisted him to build the business by having been going to his (father’s) shop since when he was eight or seven. Let’s now see how Hussain Sajwani built himself up in real estate and some other business ventures.


Since these childhood encounters with his father who was also a great businessman, Hussain Sajwani says that he has since developed economic thinking over the years. The DAMAC Owner also indicates that he has a restless psyche in business and very quickly adapts to the prevailing market conditions since he easily learns any emerging trends.


This kind of zeal has seen him get ranked the tenth wealthiest Arab. After completing his studies at the University of Washington, Hussain Sajwani started to think his career course seriously. He began with the Abu Dhabi Gas business venture, and by 1996 the DAMAC Owner made his way to what raised him to success. He built the first five 3-star hotels in Deira.


Despite the fact that Hussain mainly ventured into real estate property, he also reveals how he has had some investments in the stock market. He surprises the interviewer by citing that these investments gave five times more returns that his real estate investment between the years 2002 and 2006.


He then did put all these stock market returns to his real estate. The DAMAC owner then also gives a review of the great fall that his property business undergone. He says that he, fortunately, saw this crisis coming.


The crisis subjected the business drop to about 60% per year. In 2013, the business got restored and recorded a great success by gaining up to $379m. Hussain Sajwani then got into the idea of continuously doing projects. He finally states that real estate is a business in a circle, today rising – tomorrow going down.

Todd Lubar’s views on Baltimore

Todd Lubar tries to elaborate the recent real estate situation in Baltimore. In spite the decrease in population, the young professionals are increasing in number and ventures well in business. The affordable cost of living in Baltimore makes it suitable for the young professionals hence helps them venture appropriately in their fields. This leads to the construction of infrastructure for instance conversation of old structure into apartments, new hotels and shops come up to gather for their wants of the original population. Check out his page for more.

Baltimore is now targeting on improving transport sector making it easy for those who are willing to venture in business and living in that area hence encouraging those who want to start up business and company who wants to shift to this city. Todd Lubar has mainly contributed to the business sector. In that, he is always approached on the issues that contribute to the development of businesses. This is because he has a great personal history of finance and credit department as his significant contribution in that he is commonly referred for his standpoint on the industry. He has a passion for Commerce and tries to influence young people and the community at large. He possesses and works on several organizations associated with real estate.

Todd Lubar attended Sidwell friends school in 1977 to 1987 then joined peddle high school Hightstown. Todd later joined Syracuse University of which he graduated in 1995 with B. A in speech communication. He then got a job for Crestar mortgage corporation until 1999 where he went to the Financial group. There he supported the growth of the Maryland office to a production unit. He has been awarded for several years top 25 mortgages. Currently, he is venturing into the industry that strives to support needy people in the society. He is now the president of TDL venture

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Shafik Sachedina And His Important Work For Aga Khan

Shafik Sachedina is an important man in the Institute of Ismaili Studies. He was born in Tanzania, Tunisia, Eastern Africa, on May, 1950. He studied in England at the Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School at the University of London where he earned his degree in 1975 and got his certificate to practice dentistry. He currently holds office at Aga Khan’s Secretariat in Aiglemont, France.

Sachedina is currently the Jamati Institutions’ department head. This institution was created by His Highness, Aga Khan. Sachedina is only a titular head at the institutions because the department heads of the various sections of the institutions are not answerable to him. These department heads are directly answerable to the Imam. However, Sachedina coordinates the activities of these department heads. As a matter of interest, his position is not constitutional.

The Institute of Ismaili Studies is a research institute which purpose is to promote the study and awareness of the contemporary and historical culture of Muslim societies. Its main goal is to promote a better understanding of the relationship of the Muslims with other societies and faiths. The institute also preserves and maintains the largest collection of Ismaili codices in its library. Students who study the Muslim culture use these codices as their research material.


The institute also offers interested students with two graduate programs, namely, the Secondary Teacher Education Programme and the Graduate Programme in Islamic and Humanities according to Apart from these academic functions, the institution also serves as a venue for the Ismaili community members in order for them to have a better understanding of their history, ethnic concepts, including knowledge in subjects that are not discussed more often such as esoteric Islam and Shr’ism.

The Jamiti Institutions operates 16 primary areas where it has established its branches. Sachedina coordinates the activities and programs of these branches being the head of the institute. As part of his work in these areas, he interfaces the Central Asia communities of the Aga Khan Development Network programs.

Sachedina also travels abroad as part of his work with the Jamati Institute. He promotes the goals of the institute whenever he goes to other countries. At one time, Sachedina and his delegation went to Russia and met with Mikhail Bogdanove, the Russian Deputy Minister on Oct. 2017. He met with the Russian minister as the personal envoy of Aga Khan IV. He was able to discuss with the minister a number of important matters including the recent developments in Syria and Afghanistan. Sachedina praised the Russian government for being able to peacefully resolve the conflicts in these regions and encouraged the minister for his country’s position against terrorism and extremism.

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