In a business where everyone is closing shop, Handy stays afloat

The provision of online services, especially services such as handymen and cleaning can be complicated. Besides the fact that people trust more word of mouth references in these businesses than online reviews, there is the general lack of funds that these companies face forcing them to close shop. The few that do not despair and close shop have to deal with lack of return customers which hinders business growth. It is these precise reasons that have made market veterans such as Uber barely stay afloat but with loads of debt. Amidst such stalk realities, it is refreshing to see a company like manage their business and make such huge profits in the process. Naturally, everyone wants to know what their secret is.

How to beat the odds

The number one competitor to when it comes to the provision of home cleaning services was Homejoy, it was a shock to learn that this company had closed down its doors due to lack of the needed funds to stay afloat. Despite the discouraging developments in the industry, Handy has beaten the odds and emerged even better at provision of services across the country. Recently, they raised more than 50 million dollars which will help them support their business. Even more interesting is the fact that they have now branched out to deal with the assembly and delivery of furniture.

The company has only been around for four years. However, in this short period of time, they have managed to match up to market giants such as Amazon and are making good annual reports in sales. Their work is to vet and hire service repairmen like cleaners, electricians and plumbers and send them to customers who have contacted them with a need. In2014, they realized that exec was giving them competition for the west coast and bought it out.

Most of the businesses which offer services similar to this company always end up with issues such as problems with execution, customer retention and loss of money. People tend to be very picky about who they allow in their homes, which makes it harder for the companies of this type to make gains. The sustainability of these companies has been questioned.

Before Homejoy closed their doors, they had customer complaints all over. The first batch was from discounts coupons and after using the coupons, they never came back. Handy is different because they get their customers through organic referrals, which makes their business easy to handle. For more info, visit