Wengie’s 2016 Morning Routine Video Recap

In a recent video, YouTube beauty blogger Wengie describes her everyday morning routine. She starts her morning by cuddling under the covers with her cat before she fully wakes up and starts the day. She notes that she avoids going on social media first thing in the morning because it “clutters her mind.” After getting out of bed, she brushes her teeth and rinses with mouthwash. After that she applies lip balm.

The next part of Wengie’s morning is her breakfast. She lists the ingredients for her favorite vegetarian breakfast meal, a soup which includes mushrooms, tomatoes, avocado, and leafy greens. She microwaves the tomatoes and mushrooms with stock, then adds the greens and avocado at the end, noting you could eat this with a side of toast. She eats her breakfast while looking out her living room window and watching an inspiring TED video. After her breakfast, Wengie cleans up her aparment. This includes clearing her dishes and making her bed.

Next, Wengie starts her skincare routine. She cleans her face with toner, then applies an essence that makes her skin firm. Then she gives herself a short face and neck massage to reduce bloating. Next she applies sunscreen to her face. After that she starts her everyday makeup routine of BB cream, eyebrow mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, and curling her eyelashes. She says she gets a wavy, beachy hairstyle by sleeping in twisted pigtails; this way she styles without using heat. She finishes her everyday look with either a subtle gloss or a bolder lip color for special occasions.

Finally, Wengie changes into a comfortable and stylish outfit. She describes her favorite shorts and running shoes, saying that comfort is key to her outfit choices.


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