AI Powered Multivariate Testing Fuels E-Commerce Competitiveness

Multivariate testing is a key aspect to any digital marketing campaign. Through the results of such testing, marketeers who seek to increase conversions of customer visits into sales can implement the appropriate set of variables to achieve these results. In the past, the issue with multivariate testing, that went beyond the simple A/B model, stemmed from the difficulty and time required to generate enough traffic to produce relevant and meaningful information. The solution to this problem is adding Artificial Intelligence, AI, technology to the equation.

The power of multivariate testing powered by AI lies in the freedom that it affords digital marketers and those tasked with increasing e-commerce conversions to experiment with variable images, copy, and design elements to determine which will result in the best rate of conversions and highest total of revenues possible. Best results are achievable with typical multivariate testing, but the process is both time consuming and expensive. AI technology significantly reduces the time and money that companies have to divert to testing, because it drastically speeds up reaching results by testing all variations at once instead of one at a time. It also negates the need for companies to have someone manually assess the results of each test which allows company resources to be better utilizing completing other tasks.

Sentient AI has developed AI technology which takes multivariate testing to the next level. The goal of multivariate testing is to find what variables illicit the strongest illicit rate. Usually this means device specific optimization. The AI platform developed by Sentient, however, tailors the optimization reached by multivariate testing in another way. The AI takes that goal of multivariate testing one step further by finding the variables that are specific to each individual visitor. This provides a more personalized, targeted shopping experience for each visitor.

With multivariate testing, businesses can achieve optimization levels and conversion rates which make them competitive in the marketplace. The evolution of AI in conjunction with multivariate testing will find more businesses adopting the technology as time goes on. The benefits of gained, namely being time and money saved, as well as, increases in revenue and shopper satisfaction, more than pay for the expense.