The Joys of Business Success Shared By Whitney Wolfe Herd

Whitney Wolfe Herd is someone who is very influential among women. She sets herself up as an example of a woman that is independent and wise with her business decisions. Whitney Wolfe Herd has found her passion for relationships recently and has pursued it until she has set up Bumble. She has also made an extension to Bumble called BFF. Her passion did not stop at relationships. She has followed her passion to her roots which is empowerment of women. She has enjoyed business success and wants other women to have that same enjoyment as well. Therefore, she has decided to work on another app for business opportunities called BIZZ.

One of the best things about Bumble is that it is for women who are looking for any type of way to support themselves. One of the ways that BIZZ can help women out is by helping entrepreneurs who are looking to build something that is sustainable. One of the best things about Bumble Bizz is that it is a lot like LinkedIn in which professionals can connect with one another and get insights on what they can do to move forward with their business goals. With BIZZ, women have a greater advantage in business than ever.

Women can now get some insights on what types of campaigns they can run in order to make sure that they are on the right track. Women can also find some good partners to work with so that they can handle the different aspects of their business. Women that are merely looking for a job as well can benefit from BIZZ in that they can get help with their resume so that they can have an easier time getting the job that they want. There are also plenty of help for people that want to have the best interview.

A SKOUT Survey Reveals that Laughing is Key in Making Friends

Laughter plays a huge role in personal happiness and helping create lasting and meaningful relationships. In honor of National Humor Month, SKOUT – an online app that helps people meet new friends and create new relationships, has released fascinating survey data of its members showing just how important it is to take the time to laugh.


As reported on by PRNewswire, the results of the survey showed that laughter can actually help people meet new friends. While it may be difficult to convey laughter online, SKOUT took a look at profile pictures that depicted laughter. The results were fascinating – individuals who had profile pictures of themselves laughing were favorited 404% more times than then users who did not have laughing pictures. Likewise, laughing individuals made 234% more connections than the average SKOUT user. This goes to show just how important that laughing in meeting new people and the development of relationships.


Along with the study of how laughing in profile pictures affected people’s relationship development, SKOUT also conducted a survey that uncovered some more interesting statistics about humor and relationships. One of the more interesting parts of the survey is that 75% of individuals who were surveyed thing that they are funny. Likewise, people who classify their sense of humor as ‘witty’ tend to think that they are the funniest.


Another interesting bit of information that came from the survey is that people don’t necessarily think that clowns are funny. They survey polled people and found out that 30% of people are afraid of clowns. Interestingly, people who classify their sense of humor as ‘sarcastic’ are more likely than others to be afraid of clowns.


There were some interesting regional statistics on humor as well. It turns out that people from New York and San Francisco are very confident that they are funny, with 83% of them saying that they can easily make others laugh. Houstonians are more likely to help you have some fun, with 100% of them saying that they like to make people laugh.


Whether it’s in New York, San Francisco, or anywhere in between, this survey by SKOUT goes to show that being happy and laughing is a crucial part of making and keeping friends. Laughter just might be more important for improving health than was thought. For more information on the results of the survey, check out the original report on PRNewswire.

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