Why Walmart is a Great Choice for Beneful

Walmart is a great place to stop to get your Beneful dog food. Beneful is produced under the Purina line of dog foods and is ultimately owned by its parent company Nestle. The size of this global brand means that they have a lot of clout in the industry both in terms of economies of scale and distribution centers, but also being able to offer price cuts to customers and provide a full line of dog food for whatever type of dog you have.

Smaller dog food makers tend to focus on one or two options for their dogs while Beneful has a much more extensive line of dog food, such as Incredibites for small dogs and Healthy Puppy for small growing pups. Walmart carries most of these options and offers sharp discounts on these blends that can fill whatever need your dog has at the time. So stop in Walmart today and explore the Beneful options that Walmart has.