Capital Group Success Attributed To Its Leaders And Staff’s Commitment

Timothy D. Armour is indeed a veteran at Capital Group, with thirty three years. Immediately after his graduation from Middlebury College, with a bachelor’s degree in Economics, he joined Capital Group as a participant for the Associates Program. As a participant, he continued learning and showing dedication to the company and the clients that he served. He was therefore promoted to equity investment analyst.

Here, he was bestowed the role of giving counsel to clients and working with his team to get the clients solutions for their needs, and also covered telecommunications and also served other service companies. Timothy Armour’s commitment to the company was once again recognized and he was appointed as the company’s vice president.

A few months before the tragic death of the then company’s chairman, Jim Rothenberg, the board had a plan to appoint Timothy Armour as the chief executive officer and Chairman to replace Jim. However, when the tragedy hit the company, the board elected Tim Armour as their CEO. He is also the principal executive officer at Capital Research and Management Company Inc, which is part of the company. He is also the chairman of the company’s board management committee.

Timothy Armour and his staff have done a great job with the company. He has led the company into various strategic partnerships which puts the company at an advantage. Recently, Capital Group announce their strategic alliance with a Korea based Samsung Asset Management Company. Capital Group will work with Samsung Asset Management Company and provide them with management information. This partnership opens opportunities for Capital Group to expand its operations in Korea.

Timothy Armour has more than 33 years of experience in investment banking. From his understanding and from an expertise point of view, Tim encourages his clients to invest wisely and spend time learning their companies and the industries they play in. reason being, the economy of the country is slow and its growth stagnant. In a few years, he projects that the Federal Reserve will have to increase the interests’ rates in order to sustain the economy of the country.

According to Yang, a successful reporter, Timothy Armour was the best choice for CEO. She has faith that he will lead the company into success and greater achievements. Timothy Armour’s expertise commitment and devotion to Capital Group and his clients is admirable and honorable. He continues to show and share his skills and expertise with his staff.

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